Sentences with Milk, Milk in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Milk

Sentences with Milk, Milk in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Milk

1. Cats like milk.

2. Do pigs like milk?

3. I’ll have skim milk.

4. How about some milk?

5. Milk is good to eat.

6. The milk turned sour.

7. The milk tastes sour.

8. The milk tasted sour.

9. This milk tastes sour.

10. We’ve run out of milk.

11. It loves drinking milk.

12. Birds do not like milk.

13. This milk smells funny.

14. Does milk spoil quickly?

15. The milk has turned sour.

16. Can I have some more milk?

17. How much milk do you want?

18. It doesn’t need much milk.

19. He needed a drink of milk.

20. He bought 3 liters of milk.

21. Milk is good for you to eat.

22. My son wants milk every morning.

23. The milk is delicious. I love it.

24. It will be drinking milk tomorrow.

25. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way.

26. It is no use crying over spilt milk.

27. Mary advised him to drink more milk.

28. Please give me some milk to make tea.

29. She spat because the milk was spoiled.

30. There’s no use crying over split milk.

31. You should drink 1 glass of milk daily.

32. My son never drinks milk, I am very upset.

33. There is a little milk in the refrigerator

34. Mom fed the injured cat with oats and milk.

35. How much milk is there in the refrigerator?

36. There is a little milk in the refrigerator.

37. If you sell the cow, you sell her milk too.

38. 113.Drink milk at night before going to bed.

39. He poured the milk into one-liter containers.

40. My brother has to drink milk before going to bed.

41. These infections were caused by contaminated milk.

42. Jessica asked if the cat had drunk all of the milk.

43. Let the milk stand over night and skim off the cream.

44. A liter of milk contains about thirty grams of protein.

45. My sister stirred the instant coffee and poured in milk.

46. For children to grow up healthy, they need to drink milk daily.

47. But where is our solar system? It’s a small part of the Milky Way Galaxy.

48. Our Milky Way galaxy will someday bump into Andromeda, our closest galactic neighbor.

49. Gerard was so hungry that for lunch he consumed three sandwiches and a quart of milk.

50. When you look up at stars in the night sky, you’re seeing other stars in the Milky Way.

51. Try to include all food groups (milk, meat, vegetables-fruits, grains) in your nutrition plan every day.

52. If it’s really dark, far away from lights from cities and houses, you can even see the dusty bands of the Milky Way stretch across the sky.