Sentences with Model, Model in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Model

Sentences with Model, Model in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Model

1. That’s an obsolete model.

2. What models are these cars?

3. Steve needs a male role model.

4. A new modeling agency has opened.

5. His motorcycle is the latest model.

6. They will have been showing the models.

7. And to this day, my Mom is my role model.

8. The new model will retail for 28,324 yen.

9. We’ve just finished remodeling our basement.

10. The models started to walk on the runway 20 minutes ago.

11. You do not know your impact on her. Her role model is you.

12. You do not know your influence on her. Her role model is you.

13. My mom was a model. She had me at 20, so she was a young mother.

14. My mom is very confident and she was always a role model of mine.

15. Mothers don’t let your daughters grow up to be models unless you’re present.

16. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.

17. I’ll teach you how to defend yourself, how to maim a man. We can use Po as a model.

18. There is no model, no actress, no Miss America contender that can outshine a happy, confident, secure woman.

19. You have to find the peace and patience within yourself to be a model and an example to others and not judge.

20. My dad was my best friend and greatest role model. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband and friend.

21. I don’t know what my version of a relationship or marriage is yet, because the typical model seems a little broken to me.

22. Lila can’t be a model until she’s at least 21. She is already a mini-me – it is scary. She already has her own beauty kit.

23. Moderation analysis in the behavioral sciences involves the use of linear multiple regression analysis or causal modelling.

24. No single man can be taken as a model for a perfect figure, for no man lives on earth who is endowed with the whole of beauty.

25. I felt Joyce was an influence on my fiction, but in a very general way, as a kind of inspiration and a model for the beauty of language.

26. My mom was a photographer and whenever they needed a baby for a modelling job, she’d stick me in front of the camera. That’s how it started.

27. I don’t want to be perfect, but I do want to be a role model. My mom always tells me that imperfections equal beauty. All of us are imperfect.

28. My memory of my mom is a wine glass in one hand and a cigarette in the other. She was a runway fashion model, and she was quite a glamorous woman.

29. In 1928, one of the first humanoid robots, Eric, was exhibited at the annual exhibition of the Model Engineers Society in London, where it delivered a speech.

30. I build a kind of wall between myself and t he model so that I can paint in peace behind it. Otherwise, she might say something that confuses and distracts me.

31. Under the auspices of peace, our comprehensive renaissance will be built, and it will be a model for those who wish to emulate it in the greater Arab homeland.

32. People think, ‘She’s a model. She must have such an attitude. She must be so stuck up.’ But I’m normal. I cry. I’m not rich. I drive a 1987 Chevrolet Celebrity.

33. I have girls who are concerned about how they look compared to models or what have you. It’s my responsibility to teach them that beauty is more than superficial.

34. The concept of particles is particularly useful when modelling nature, as the full treatment of many phenomena can be complex and also involve difficult computation.

35. My mother and stepfather were married 43 years, so I have watched a long marriage. I feel like I had a very good role model for that. And, you know, it’s just a number.

36. Particles can also be used to create scientific models of even larger objects depending on their density, such as humans moving in a crowd or celestial bodies in motion.

37. My model for business is The Beatles: They were four guys that kept each others’ negative tendencies in check; they balanced each other. And the total was greater than the sum of the parts.

38. My mom cooked pot roast with noodles and frozen vegetables. Or she’d make spaghetti or hot dogs, or heat up TV dinners. Before I started modeling at age 19, I was 5’8\” and weighed 165 pounds.

39. Beauty has been democratised. No longer the preserve of movie stars and models but available to all. But while the invitation to beauty is welcomed, it has become not so much an option as an imperative.