Sentences with Myself, Myself in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Myself

Sentences with Myself, Myself in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Myself

1. I’m proud of myself.

2. I can defend myself.

3. I locked myself out.

4. I travelled by myself.

5. I’ll pay for it myself.

6. I do believe in myself.

7. Do I contradict myself?

8. I had to defend myself.

9. I’m driving myself home.

10. Am I making myself clear?

11. I fell down and hurt myself.

12. I wrapped myself in a towel.

13. I grew these carrots myself.

14. I’d much rather go by myself.

15. I ought to do this by myself.

16. I wanted to introduce myself.

17. Allow me to introduce myself.

18. I should’ve introduced myself.

19. I dedicate myself to my school.

20. I wear designer clothes myself.

21. I have a right to defend myself.

22. I can’t raise our child by myself.

23. I should’ve trained Samuel myself.

24. I can’t raise our child by myself.

25. I refreshed myself with a hot bath.

26. I will establish myself as a lawyer.

27. I made myself coffee in the morning.

28. I managed to repair my car by myself.

29. I will establish myself as a attorney.

30. I’m kind of curious about that myself.

31. I could have done it faster by myself.

32. I’m a little curious about that myself.

33. I want to buy myself a garbage disposal.

34. I weighed myself on the bathroom scales.

35. I’m used to watching old movies of myself.

36. I could not stop myself from crying aloud.

37. I could kick myself for not bringing a map.

38. I never imagined myself going home so early.

39. I find myself in a rather delicate situation.

40. I read a lot of books but I can’t explain myself.

41. I am sorry but, I begin to lose control of myself.

42. I imagined myself as Frida to Diego, both muse and maker.

43. They may call me a sinner, but I am at peace with myself.

44. I prepare myself for rehearsals like I would for marriage.

45. I’ve tried being other people and myself suits me the best.

46. I’ve never let anyone talk me into not believing in myself.

47. Making movies is a way of understanding myself and the world.

48. I apologize for anything I might have done. I was not myself.

49. Well, I’ve never looked upon myself as being a beauty, per se.

50. I myself am opaque, for some reason. Their eyes cannot see me.

51. Despite my mother’s opposition, I bought myself a tiny hamster.

52. If my life is going to mean anything, I have to live it myself.

53. I never sort of thought of myself as a comedy writer, by nature.

54. I told my mom I would graduate. I owe that much to her and myself.

55. I burnt myself out of skating. I was ready to focus on being a mom.

56. I am the one who pulls myself from the nothingness to which I aspire.

57. If money was my only motivation, I would organize myself differently.

58. I wake up every morning and I surprise myself. I wake up to a new me.

59. I love all men who think, even those who think otherwise than myself.

60. I bought myself a thick coat in case it may be very rainy this winter.

61. My mom would have liked it that I patterned myself more after Jimmy Reed.

62. I immersed myself in books and rock ‘n’ roll, the adolescent salvation …

63. I am constantly torn between killing myself and killing everyone around me.

64. I will love myself because I am sturdy. Because I did not -will not- break.

65. I seem to myself, as in a dream, an accidental guest in this dreadful body.

66. I’m thinking to myself, I just love doing the art, it takes me a morning to do.

67. I force myself to contradict myself in order to avoid conforming to my own taste.

68. I would have been sure to research my own jam preferences before impersonating myself.

69. I’d wake up in the morning and I would think, ‘Where am I?’ I’d have to gather myself.