Sentences with Need, Need in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Need

Sentences with Need, Need in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Need


1. I need you.

2. I needed help.

3. I need some air.

4. I need a laptop.

5. What do you need?


6. I need some cash.

7. You need therapy.

8. Alex needed a job.

9. I need to buy ink.

10. I need a keyboard.

11. You aren’t needed.


12. I need protection.

13. I need a new home.

14. I need your advice.

15. He needs a t-shirt.

16. You’re needed here.

17. I need to buy glue.

18. I need the password.

19. What does Alex need?

20. I know what we need.

21. He needs discipline.

22. You need protection.

23. Alex needs some rest.

24. Do you need anything?

25. I need printer paper.

26. Alex needs our input.

27. I need authorization.

28. We need to cut costs.

29. All I need is backup.

30. I need to send a fax.

31. You might need those.

32. They need protection.

33. I really need someone.

34. I don’t need advisers.

35. I need to be with you.

36. I need help with this.

37. Samuel needs to relax.

38. I need a new home now.

39. We need a sharp knife.

40. We need a new printer.

41. I need sunburn lotion.

42. We need to buy powder.

43. They needed more time.

44. I need sleeping pills.

45. We need authorization.

46. I need some fresh air.

47. I need some good news.

48. He needed new clothes.

49. I need time to prepare.

50. All children need care.

51. Steve needed some cash.

52. I need a chapter break.

53. We need a large garden.

54. We will need more food.

55. I need some assistance.

56. I need a digital clock.

57. The printer needs paper.

58. I really need your help.

59. I need more information.

60. We need to build a fire.

61. I don’t need it anymore.

62. Do you really need that?

63. There’s no need to rush.

64. He needs help right now.

65. I don’t need much money.

66. Steve needed protection.

67. I need to rest a moment.

68. I don’t need protection.

69. The man needs protection.

70. My car needs a brake job.

71. They need some direction.

72. Now we need a new carpet.

73. We need something to eat.

74. Liars need good memories.

75. Do you need an ambulance?

76. I really need their help.

77. We need a signed receipt.

78. I desperately need a car.

79. I just needed directions.

80. You don’t need to wrap it.

81. You don’t need me anymore.

82. We need to clean the barn.

83. I need some writing paper.

84. He needed a drink of milk.

85. I need a kilogram of salt.

86. He does not need help now.

87. I need a bigger challenge.

88. You won’t be needing that.

89. It doesn’t need much milk.

90. The soup needs more garlic.

91. I need a little more space.

92. Do you need a wake-up call?

93. I need to go get my laptop.

94. We need to review the case.

95. These shoes need polishing.

96. I need to lose some weight.

97. All we need is a new venue.

98. I need a leather briefcase.

99. Steve needs financial help.

100. How much glass will I need?

101. Like a needle in a haystack.

102. They’re on pins and needles.

103. I need to talk to an expert.

104. Steve needs some assistance.

105. Do I need to pay in advance?

106. Frank needs some elbow room.

107. I don’t need glasses anymore.

108. How much oil does Paris need?

109. Need makes the old wife trot.

110. To do so, you need to log in.

111. You need to protect yourself.

112. Our band needs a keyboardist.

113. What size helmet do you need?

114. You need to take these pills.

115. I need paper for the printer.

116. I need to call my supervisor.

117. Strong leadership was needed.