Sentences with North, North in a Sentence in English, Sentences For North

Sentences with North, North in a Sentence in English, Sentences For North


1. The compass points to the north.

2. Compass needles point to the north.

3. Frank and Mary visited Northern Europe.

4. The cold north wind was roaring outside.

5. Hokkaido is in the northern part of Japan.


6. He left on an expedition to the North Pole.

7. North is the opposite direction from south.

8. Japan is located in the Northern Hemisphere.

9. Oil has been discovered under the North Sea.

10. My house is in the northern part of the city.

11. They went on an expedition to the North Pole.


12. The United States is in the Northern Hemisphere.

13. They caught the women who spied for North Korea.

14. More people live in the northern part of the city.

15. February 7th is Northern Territories Day in Japan.

16. Hokkaido is located in the northern part of Japan.

17. The northernmost part of the city is a maze of alleys.

18. Breaking a magnet in two does not isolate its north pole from its south pole.

19. Shadwell hated all southerners and, by inference, was standing at the North Pole.

20. The south has a hot, dry climate, whereas the north has a milder, wetter climate.

21. 68.The south has a hot, dry climate, whereas the north has a milder, wetter climate.

22. The natives of the North-West Pacific Coast of America were probably descendants of tribes from Asia..

23. On ‘Morning Joe’ I can say what I think, be my sometimes unorthodox self, have fun, yet be serious as well.

24. A recent survey or North American males found 42% were overweight, 34% were critically obese and 8% ate the survey.

25. The need for peace in Northern Ireland goes well beyond political stability. It now speaks to regional Europe and even global stability.

26. When did my house turn into a hangout for every grossly overpaid, terminally pampered professional football player in northern Illinois?

27. She looked directly up into the northern lights and she wondered if those cold-burning spectres might not draw her breath, her very soul, out of her chest and into the stars.

28. What I wish I had, is that I wish I was a little more Greek, in that I wish I could lose my North American driven attitude and that I could be a little bit more poetic and laissez faire.

29. When I told the people of Northern Ireland that I was an atheist, a woman in the audience stood up and said, ‘Yes, but is it the God of the Catholics or the God of the Protestants in whom you don’t believe?

30. I remember driving to North Carolina when I was a little girl in a snowstorm to get down to my mom’s family in the Carolinas. There were chains on the car – it was the late sixties – and we were just singing in the car. Christmas carols.

31. How strange it is that the house of these hedonic stalwarts is filled with all the luxuries of life, right from plasma televisions to Swiss bank cheque books. So how will they notice the tonnes of food grains rotting in the northern belt?

32. He fought like a demon, whirling through the defender’s ranks in a completely unorthodox style, rolling under their feet, slashing with his sword instead of stabbing like a Roman would, whacking campers with the flat of his blade, and generally causing mass panic.

33. Today, we have two Vietnams, side by side, North and South, exchanging and working. We may not agree with all that North Vietnam is doing, but they are living in peace. I would look for a better human rights record for North Vietnam, but they are living side by side.

34. The compulsion to do good is an innate American trait. Only North Americans seem to believe that they always should, may, and actually can choose somebody with whom to share their blessings. Ultimately this attitude leads to bombing people into the acceptance of gifts.