Sentences with Over, Over in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Over

Sentences with Over, Over in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Over

1. I’m over thirty.

2. Wait over there.

3. You’ll get over it.

4. Is it hot over there?

5. He must be over fifty.

6. To weep over an onion.

7. Roll over on your back.

8. He jumped over a ditch.

9. Come over and help out.

10. She bent over the child.

11. 19.He must be over fifty.

12. Steve leapt over the wall.

13. He really is over seventy.

14. Who’s that man over there?

15. Samuel turned over in bed.

16. Let’s not panic over this.

17. They bubbled over with joy.

18. Come over here and join us.

19. Who knocked over the chair?

20. I’m head over heels for you.

21. I have no control over that.

22. To be head over ears in debt.

23. I had to climb over the wall.

24. A helicopter circled over us.

25. Let’s discuss it over dinner.

26. Frank jumped over the barrier.

27. I swung my leg over the fence.

28. A cold front swept over Europe

29. I bent over to pick up the pen.

30. Steve rolled over in his sleep.

31. The news spread all over Spain.

32. The river flowed over its banks.

33. She traveled all over the world.

34. I have to pull over for a minute.

35. Your sister is laying over there.

36. 54.Consider vegetables over meat.

37. I just got over a severe illness.

38. He turned over a new leaf in life.

39. Samuel bent over to tie his shoes.

40. I asked her to read over my essay.

41. He pointed to the tower over there.

42. It is true that he is over seventy.

43. I’ve been going over Steve’s chart.

44. I had a quarrel with him over money.

45. Pour melted butter over the popcorn.

46. I ache all over after the exercises.

47. Delegates voted over and over again.

48. Steve leaped over the shallow ditch.

49. Steve dared not jump over the brook.

50. She has traveled all over the globe.

51. It is no use crying over spilt milk.

52. It’s three kilometers over that way.

53. I haven’t seen Samuel in over a week.

54. We’ve talked it over among ourselves.

55. He bent over the girl and kissed her.

56. The policeman looked over my license.

57. It’s over three kilometers from here.

58. Alex slung his bag over his shoulder.

59. The plane will fly over in 5 minutes.

60. The girl wept over her child’s death.

61. There’s no use crying over split milk.

62. There now, hang on, you’ll get over it.

63. The editor glanced over the manuscript.

64. Frank bent over and picked the coin up.

65. That woman wept over her child’s death.

66. Frank got a blanket and put it over Pam.

67. Check over your exam paper for mistakes.

68. The meeting carried over into lunch time.

69. Steve leaned over and picked the coin up.

70. The red balloon floated over the treetop.

71. He bent over backward to please his wife.

72. I’d walk barefoot over hot coals for you.

73. The clouds of war will hang over the east.

74. Steve was almost run over by a dump truck.

75. Tyler stepped over and twirled his racquet.

76. My brother tends to get upset over nothing.

77. Will looked over the top of his spectacles.

78. Jessica spilled her drink all over my dress.

79. This is a tropical storm. It’ll be over soon.

80. A conflict of opinions arose over the matter.

81. The man pulled his jacket hood over his head.

82. They’re constructing a bridge over the river.

83. I’ll try to jump over this stream on a horse.

84. The effect of this event will pass over time.

85. I could fall in love with you all over again.

86. The past has no power over the present moment.

87. A network of railroads spreads all over Japan.

88. The human spirit must prevail over technology.

89. It’s easy to see the fireworks from over there.

90. You get used to the tropical climate over time.

91. News of the recent blast is all over the radio.

92. They often clashed over their political beliefs.

93. My brother watched as the doctors bent over her.

94. I expect him to get over the shock of his failure.

95. We grub up almost all over the field to find gold.

96. They chatted over coffee for more than four hours.

97. People will always choose more money over more sex.

98. Freddie, come over here quickly and see what I did!

99. I know that’s what people say– you’ll get over it.

100. Dan’s going to take the order over to the customer.

101. Formula for success: under promise and over deliver.

102. The tall unknowable city takes over the countryside.

103. In skating over thin ice our safety is in our speed.

104. Let the milk stand over night and skim off the cream.

105. Alex should read over the contract before signing it.

106. Samuel’s going to take the order over to the customer.

107. Mary was upset at having been passed over for the job.

108. The catapult hurled the boulder over the castle walls.

109. Hirers should read over the contract before signing it.

110. Let’s hold over this discussion until our next meeting.

111. Saints are always depicted with a halo over their heads.

112. They will have to hold over these books until next week.

113. Yet I see sales departments given control over editorial.

114. While you were sleeping, our puppy knocked over the table.

115. Our sister is having a sleep over for her friends tomorrow.

116. We’ve received just over 2,200 dollars in donations so far.

117. Saw you obsessing over it on your blog before you got sick.