Sentences with Park, Park in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Park

Sentences with Park, Park in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Park


1. You may park here.

2. Can I go to the park?

3. Could I go to the park?

4. I walked across the park.

5. I am exercising in the park.


6. Oh no! The park was crowded.

7. We have to park the car here.

8. My house is very near the park.

9. She went to the park yesterday.

10. Children are playing in the park.

11. Pull the car you parked from here.


12. The land was converted into a park.

13. There is a big park near my school.

14. There was a large crowd in the park.

15. Hunting is banned in national parks.

16. There are 5 cars in the parking lot.

17. They walked the whole park together.

18. If you want, you can go to the park.

19. 73.Pull the car you parked from here.

20. We played a passive game in the park.

21. They were selling popcorn in the park.

22. They saw an unknown object in the park.

23. Jessica parked her car in a vacant lot.

24. You’re not allowed to park around here.

25. My father runs in the park every morning.

26. I ran 5 kilometers in the park yesterday.

27. There are so few cars in the parking lot.

28. Hunting is not allowed in national parks.

29. My father may be jogging around the park.

30. Yesterday the children played in the park.

31. All children should benefit from the park.

32. I plan to cycle around the park next year.

33. The theme park was closed down last month.

34. My son ate his dinner and went to the park.

35. You need to learn how to change spark plugs.

36. Opposite the park there is a beautiful river.

37. 64.My father won’t come to the park tomorrow.

38. Will you be sitting in the park when I arrive?

39. When you arrive, I will be sitting in the park.

40. The resulting storm affected trees in the park.

41. Alex saw Jessica sitting alone on a park bench.

42. We played games in the park for hours yesterday.

43. After 10 kilometers you will come across a park.

44. I wonder if Steve has ever slept on a park bench.

45. Let’s meet in the park next to the smallest house.

46. Let’s look around and see if anybody’s in the park.