Sentences with Party, Party in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Party

Sentences with Party, Party in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Party

1. The party is over.

2. When is party over?

3. You run to the party.

4. The party was a flop.

5. We will go to the party.

6. Who will host the party?

7. Today’s party is informal.

8. I might not go to the party.

9. I will not attend the party.

10. Let’s get this party rolling.

11. Let’s throw a party for Alex.

12. The party starts at 8 o’clock.

13. Why don’t we cancel the party?

14. It was only an informal party.

15. Bob sang loudest at the party.

16. I went to the party yesterday.

17. We set about organizing a party.

18. She had met him before the party.

19. Did you see Jessica at the party?

20. I’d be happy to attend your party.

21. We enjoyed ourselves at the party.

22. Everything was ready for the party.

23. He came to the party in a pink car.

24. The inflation issue split the party.

25. Oh No! He is not coming to the party!

26. I’ll be no party to this arrangement.

27. I will not come to his birthday party.

28. Jim did not win his party‘s nomination.

29. At a guess, 30 people were at the party.

30. I had to come away from the party early.

31. I arranged catering for tomorrow’s party.

32. Alex said, “I am going to my friend’s party.”

33. Nobody came the party except George and Alex.

34. There were many delicious snacks at the party.

35. Will Jane be able to get to the party in time?

36. George said, “I am going to my friend’s party.”

37. Our budget is too low for our party arrangement.

38. Did she bring any friends to the party last week?

39. In brief, I think the birthday party was perfect.

40. You can make a party such as wedding anniversary.

41. There was some heavy petting going on at the party.

42. It’s a shame Samuel couldn’t make it to your party.

43. Steve thanked the host for the very enjoyable party.

44. Frank took charge of the arrangements for the party.

45. Alice will have returned home when the party is over.

46. He seems to be like having a lot of fun at the party.

47. He will bring several friends to the party next week.

48. He invited his neighbors for the New Year’s Eve party.

49. He invited his neighbors for the New Year’s Eve party.

50. He wants to learn whether there is a party today or not.

51. 38.If you came to the party, we would have a lot of fun.

52. You may go to the party provided that you’re home by 9.00.