Sentences with People, People in a Sentence in English, Sentences For People

Sentences with People, People in a Sentence in English, Sentences For People

1. People love freedom.

2. Some people are evil.

3. Power corrupts people.

4. Why are people clapping?

5. The townspeople cheered.

6. I like to observe people.

7. Like priest, like people.

8. Don’t sneak up on people.

9. I can’t talk with people.

10. I don’t trust many people.

11. People who genuinely care.

12. Corporations aren’t people.

13. Most people like ice cream.

14. The king and the people met.

15. I think people love freedom.

16. We have to help poor people.

17. Corporations are not people.

18. Film lovers are sick people.

19. I don’t believe many people.

20. Most people like watching TV.

21. Ten people can’t fit in here.

22. It’s rude to stare at people.

23. All the people left the hall.

24. How many people are on board?

25. A lot of people aren’t happy.

26. People learn from experience.

27. There were many people there.

28. Some people have been unkind.

29. Most people think I’m clever.

30. It’s rude to stare at people.

31. At least 500 people attended.

32. Everybody likes polite people.

33. Young people tend to think so.

34. I cannot abide useless people.

35. Monkeys used to bother people.

36. Why are people scared of Steve?

37. Asian people are very tolerant.

38. Death is the fate of all people.

39. To lead people walk behind them.

40. Severe weather frightens people.

41. Most people live in urban areas.

42. 13.People die if they don’t eat.

43. Only a few people understood me.

44. Her face is known to all people.

45. Stay away from aggressive people.

46. In August, people go on vacation.

47. Business is other people‘s money.

48. There were a lot of people there.

49. This law will benefit the people.

50. Some people like to travel alone.

51. Why are people always so cynical?

52. The company laid off five people.

53. His music appeals to young people.

54. Previously, people lived in caves.

55. I don’t like people staring at me.

56. People grow more cynical with age.

57. No decent people go to that place.

58. Social grants give hope to people.

59. Health workers aid people in need.

60. I don’t like people staring at me.

61. Some people are afraid of spiders.

62. People have not traveled to Venus.

63. I owe my solitude to other people.

64. Some people turn sad awfully young.

65. Desperate people will try anything.

66. This is very easy for Asian people.

67. Spaniards are very friendly people.

68. Clichés so often befall vain people.

69. People are eating in the restaurant.

70. I don’t like arrogant people at all.

71. This stadium will hold 50,000 people.

72. The people expected a victory speech.

73. People aren’t either wicked or noble.

74. The hotel can accommodate 128 people.

75. I never argue with people like Steve.

76. How many people work in your company?

77. Are there many poor people in France?

78. 76.Some people won’t eat spicy foods.

79. It is polite to open doors for people.

80. Scores of people died in the epidemic.

81. Eating bread is bad for people health.

82. There’s a huge number of people there.

83. The people were very unfriendly there.

84. There are eleven people including her.

85. I really enjoy helping disabled people.

86. How many people are there in the World?

87. Many people denounced President Wilson.

88. I wish people could be a little modest.

89. Most people do not like the color gray.

90. I wish people could be a little humble.

91. There were too many people at the door.

92. People achieve more when they cooperate.

93. The stadium was overflowing with people.

94. How many people are living in your city?

95. At a guess, 30 people were at the party.

96. This hall holds a maximum of 350 people.

97. Do you want people to think you’re weak?

98. The people were ferried across the river.

99. The panel can consist of a mix of people.

100. A lot of people were killed by the blast.

101. Most people thought it was a good treaty.

102. People always clap for the wrong reasons.

103. Why are there so many people at the mall?

104. I wondered why people were staring at me.

105. There were a lot of people in the stadium.

106. A crisis can bring out the best in people.

107. More and more people began raising cattle.

108. All people have to obey the traffic rules.

109. Serving people is his sole purpose in life.

110. People are concerned about racial problems.

111. The king imposed heavy taxes on his people.

112. This game will catch on among young people.

113. People don’t like to swim against the tide.

114. Thousands of people died during the plague.

115. All sorts of people came to the exhibition.

116. Don’t talk about people behind their backs.

117. Intelligent people always focus on success.

118. The richest people in the city got together.

119. The bus can carry a maximum of forty people.

120. People should either be caressed or crushed.

121. Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast.

122. I always advise people never to give advice.

123. I have no use for people who exhibit manners.

124. People were weeping at the news of his death.

125. People are waiting for the plane to take off.

126. My mom always says we have to be good people.

127. People who boast about their I.Q. are losers.