Sentences with Production, Production in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Production

Sentences with Production, Production in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Production


1. Production fell rapidly.

2. Production of wheat has decreased.

3. Potato production is very common in this city.

4. Steel production will increase 2% this month from last month.

5. Steel production reached an estimated 100 million tons last year.


6. Good production is like a beautiful marriage. It makes a happy home.

7. Then the race goes, not to the ablest at production, but to those most ruthless at brutality.

8. Culture is perishing in overproduction, in an avalanche of words, in the madness of quantity.

9. It’s the best marriage of songs and production. But I have to say, I have an affinity for Bossanova.

10. Audio is the audible. part of a transmitted signal that is a recording/reproduction of acoustic signals.

11. For some people, this added production means they go from a normal cholesterol level to one that’s unhealthy.


12. Life: a constellation of vital phenomena—organization, irritability, movement, growth, reproduction, adaptation.

13. Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.

14. The production of children, the nurture of those born, and the daily life of men, of these matters woman is visibly the cause.

15. I sure lost my musical direction in Hollywood. My songs were the same conveyer belt mass production, just like most of my movies were.

16. Racism, specifically, is the state-sanctioned or extralegal production and exploitation of group-differentiated vulnerability to premature death.

17. Architectural Technology is a relatively new discipline and relates to the anatomy and physiology of buildings and of their production and performance.

18. Conservation of the old modes of production in unaltered forms, was, on the contrary, the first condition of existence for all earlier industrial classes.

19. Socialism means; a social etc. philosophy encompassing a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership of the means of production.

20. It is so characteristic, that just when the mechanics of reproduction are so vastly improved, there are fewer and fewer people who know how the music should be played.

21. I remember being on film sets when I was younger, and only men got to do the cool action movies. So I thought, ‘Maybe I’ll get to produce one day and get to do cool stuff too,’ which is what happened when we did ‘Charlie’s Angels.’ Starting my production company was a big turning point for me.