Sentences with Products, Products in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Products

Sentences with Products, Products in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Products


1. I seldom eat dairy products.

2. Products will be distributed.

3. I really hate dairy products.

4. They deal in software products.

5. We only sell top quality products.


6. Workers set out to distribute products.

7. We have some new products we’d like you to see.

8. We have some new products we’d like you to see.

9. Cheese and other dairy products do not agree with me.

10. I will admit to hoarding beauty products. I’m a beauty lady.

11. Trade ensures that products reach the consumer from the producer.


12. We Americans are interested only in the consumption of our products.

13. This company was founded in 1988. It is actively selling products since then.

14. For example, meat, poultry and dairy products all contain dietary cholesterol.

15. Once relentlessly hunted for their products, whales are now protected by international law.

16. The closest thing I use to beauty products is the grease on the pizza from John’s Pizzeria.

17. The beauty one can find in art is one of the pitifully few real and lasting products of human endeavor.

18. I’ve actually spent a lot of time researching beauty products, how they are produced and how they are sold.

19. It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.

20. We go to school to learn to work hard for money. I write books and create products that teach people how to have money work hard for them.

21. If advertisers spent the same amount of money on improving their products as they do on advertising then they wouldn’t have to advertise them.

22. In my own life, I decided to leave meat off my plate in medical school, but was a bit slow to realise that dairy products and eggs are not health foods either.

23. Business-to-consumer marketing, or B2C marketing, refers to the tactics and strategies in which a company promotes its products and services to individual people.

24. I like the idea of accessibility, coming from a lower-middle-class background myself, I feel like beauty and products should be accessible to all women over the world.

25. I hate this fast growing tendency to chain men to machines in big factories and deprive them of all joy in their efforts – the plan will lead to cheap men and cheap products.

26. I can’t live without my beauty products. I love to be in my bathroom with my candles lit, morning, noon and night. I like taking hot baths and hot showers, using my body scrubs and lotions.

27. The bill would ban human cloning, and any attempts at human cloning, for both reproductive purposes and medical research. Also forbidden is the importing of cloned embryos or products made from them.