Sentences with Project, Project in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Project

Sentences with Project, Project in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Project

1. He has completed his projects.

2. This project is not sustainable.

3. His project was funded by grants.

4. Let’s contribute to this project.

5. Let’s contribute to this project.

6. I briefed my boss on the new project.

7. We should collaborate on the project.

8. We briefed my boss on the new project.

9. We have just completed the Web Project.

10. Do you approve or disapprove of my project?

11. He went abroad to raise fund for the project.

12. I’ve run into a difficulty with the project.

13. He is planning to go after his friend’s project.

14. By the time we came, she had finished the project.

15. They will have been working on the project by 6 pm.

16. I’d like to talk to the coordinator of this project.

17. This time tomorrow, we will be working on our project.

18. This time tomorrow, will we be working on our project?

19. The Ministry of Agriculture explained its new projects.

20. 42.Either you or I should be informed about his project.

21. The corporation invited bids for the construction project.

22. This time tomorrow, we will not be working on our project.

23. We need to decrease the investments we make in your project.

24. Students sought advice from their teachers for their projects.

25. I think all they do is project a limited and harmful image of people.

26. They met in order to get information from each other about the project.

27. 71.They met in order to get information from each other about the project.

28. If we participate in this charity project, will we be helping people in need?

29. Agile learning generally refers to the transfer of agile methods of project work.

30. Architectural technologists are a fundamental element of any construction project.

31. Let’s not add projectile vomiting to the list of Awesome Things We Get To Do Today.

32. Bowen, I took you on as my pet project because I like to ogle you. Due to your rowr factor.

33. Those who get it and are adapting to it have begun launching some very innovative projects.

34. A scope of work document is an agreement on the work you’re going to perform on the project.

35. My mom was a seamstress, and I wish I’d learned to sew because I’m obsessed with ‘Project Runway!’

36. I have all the patience in the world about Sirens. For me it’s not a Grateful Dead project, it’s a Me project.

37. It’s not the style that motivates me, as much as an attitude of openness that I have when I go into a project.

38. Resistance gets us to plunge into a project with an overambitious and unrealistic timetable for its completion.

39. I decided I ought to pick a project that would not be controversial, that would not really cost the government a lot of money.

40. What you need, what you deserve, is a guy who adores you for what you are. Who doesn’t see you as a project, but a prize. you know?