Sentences with Sister, Sister in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Sister

Sentences with Sister, Sister in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Sister


1. This is my sister.

2. How’s your sister?

3. Is she your sister?

4. My sister has a cup.

5. My sister fried an egg.


6. My sister fed the sheep.

7. My sister stepped aside.

8. My sister slept all day.

9. My sister began to sweat.

10. Do you have a twin sister?

11. Her sister closed the lid.


12. My sister looks impatient.

13. My sisters do the ironing.

14. My sister is a strong girl.

15. My sister used to hate him.

16. I’d like to see your sister.

17. My sister weeded the garden.

18. My sister shelled the beans.

19. My sister took off her coat.

20. My sister achieved her goal.

21. My sister returned to Spain.

22. Unlike my sister, I am tall.

23. My sister wept with emotion.

24. My sister is a receptionist.

25. My elder sister is a teacher.

26. How many sisters do you have?

27. My sister put her sweater on.

28. My sister is a very shy girl.

29. What grade is your sister in?

30. My sister rarely wears a hat.

31. The sisters are quite unlike.

32. She is cooking for my sister.

33. My sister ran away from home.

34. My sister takes foolish risks.

35. My sister is very experienced.

36. My sister is tidying her room.

37. My sister has just turned ten.

38. My sister ordered a cup of tea.

39. My sister looked up at the sky.

40. My sister glanced shyly at him.

41. My sister gave him a big smile.

42. My sister sounded disappointed.

43. My sister leaned on her elbows.

44. My sister slid the window open.

45. My sister works at the theater.

46. My sister is a very lucky lady.

47. My sister is seeking employment.

48. My sister refused my invitation.

49. My sister is unbelievably naive.

50. My sister has blonde curly hair.

51. My sister showers every morning.

52. My sister is afraid of the dark.

53. Your sister is laying over there.

54. I persuaded my sister to help me.

55. My sister is forbidden to go out.

56. My sister came at around 13.30 AM.

57. My sister wasn’t able to meet him.

58. My sister reads a novel every day.

59. My sister burned her first dinner.

60. I just received my sister’s letter.

61. I saw my sister tear up the letter.

62. My sister pleaded with him to stay.

63. My sister got up and left the room.

64. My sister is much heavier than him.

65. My sister was sweating and shaking.

66. My sister has a gentle disposition.

67. My sister is a high school student.

68. My sister is absorbed in her study.

69. My sister neither drinks nor smokes.

70. My sister speaks relatively quickly.

71. I watched this movie with my sister.

72. My sister found the movie very dull.

73. I never miss my sister’s talk shows.

74. My sister tore his letter to pieces.

75. My sister is not completing her work.

76. Should I reply to my sister’s letter?

77. My sister has a broad view of things.

78. My sister had achieved her objective.

79. My sister makes her living by sewing.

80. My sister was brought up by our uncle.

81. I think my sister might be displeased.

82. My sister has already made a big cake.

83. My sister advised him to stop smoking.

84. My sister argued with him about money.

85. My sister greeted me with a big smile.

86. My sister was studying in the library.

87. Steve is approximately my sister‘s age.

88. My friend could always beat her sister.

89. Is your sister used to writing so fast?

90. My older sister goes jogging every day.

91. My sister dived into the swimming pool.

92. Does Smith have any brothers or sisters?

93. Does Clark have any brothers or sisters?

94. “I don’t believe it,” my sister went on.

95. My sister prayed for Mary’s safe return.

96. My sister was educated by my grandfather.

97. Jane is very gentle with her baby sister.

98. My sister reminded him to go to the bank.

99. My sister was a child, but she was brave.

100. My sister was worn out when she got home.

101. My sister remained single her whole life.

102. You bought it from my sister, didn’t you?

103. I contacted my sister yesterday afternoon.

104. My sister acquired a knowledge of English.

105. My sister is very smart, and she knows it.

106. My sister is extremely happy with this man.

107. My sister panicked when she heard the news.

108. 15.If my sister has money, she will travel.

109. My sister is very clever, and she knows it.

110. My sister’s advice is always very sensible.

111. My sister has lost the key to the bathroom.

112. Steve and his little sister are very alike.

113. I am poor, whereas my sisters are very rich.

114. 119.Does Smith have any brothers or sisters?

115. My mom did costumes for the Pointer Sisters.

116. I think that you should support your sister.