Sentences with The Word WERE, The Word WERE in a Sentence in English, Sentences For The Word WERE

Sentences with The Word WERE, The Word WERE in a Sentence in English, Sentences For The Word WERE

1. You were right.

2. You were going.

3. They were going.

4. You were taller.

5. You were the boss.

6. You were here then.

7. When were you born?

8. We were speculating.

9. You were my favorite.

10. I wish I were a bird.

11. We were drinking tea.

12. We were under attack.

13. They were both naked.

14. They were all scared.

15. Where were you hiding?

16. Two seats were vacant.

17. How old were you then?

18. You were able to help.

19. I gather you were hurt.

20. You were scared, right?

21. How were you yesterday?

22. My toes were very sore.

23. You were made for this!

24. Sixty houses were sold.

25. His nails were too long.

26. Thirteen cars were sold.

27. My parents were furious.

28. They were all brilliant.

29. We were pretty thorough.

30. There were lots of jobs.

31. Eighty eggs were broken.

32. They were very confused.

33. They were all concerned.

34. We were confused as well.

35. There were 3 apples here.

36. You were staying at home.

37. His toes were very small.

38. His parents were furious.

39. His lungs were blistered.

40. His debts were piling up.

41. The plans were discarded.

42. I knew you were innocent.

43. Republicans were furious.

44. The villagers were moved.

45. His nails were very pale.

46. We were not going to swim.

47. Goose eggs were delicious.

48. Fourteen eggs were broken.

49. We were delayed in Madrid.

50. They were welcomed warmly.

51. We were caught in a storm.

52. They were labeled radicals.

53. His supporters were afraid.

54. The lion’s claws were huge.

55. Some civilians were killed.

56. We were having an argument.

57. Casualties were inevitable.

58. He wishes he were here now.

59. Samuel said you were witty.

60. Seventeen houses were sold.

61. We were not doing homework.

62. We were back to square one.

63. We were just saying goodbye.

64. His clothes were in his bag.

65. You said you were concerned.

66. Who were they talking about?

67. There were pigs in the barn.

68. There were many people there.

69. The singers were not singing.

70. Sixty delegates were elected.

71. The lemons were on the table.

72. There were mice in the house.

73. Where were you spending time?

74. Commodity prices were rising.

75. You were scared, weren’t you?

76. Originally they were farmers.

77. We were having lunch at 12:30.

78. My companions were all asleep.

79. Who said we were going to die?

80. All the sails were taken down.

81. They were working in the dust.

82. Our profits were just on paper.

83. The soldiers were on the alert.

84. There were five women on board.

85. We were nearly frozen to death.

86. I gather you were unsuccessful.

87. Don’t forget! we were a family.

88. Frank’s intentions were unclear.

89. His criticisms were very severe.

90. We were welcomed by the Captain.

91. Pam and Mary were swimming laps.

92. They were rescued by helicopter.

93. They were destined never to meet.

94. His lungs were in very bad shape.

95. We thought that you were married.

96. I didn’t realize you were hungry.

97. The kids were sliding on the ice.

98. Cattle were grazing in the field.

99. Applications made were confirmed.

100. You were not at work last Monday.

101. We didn’t realize you were awake.

102. They were scolded by the teacher.

103. I met them when we were in Paris.

104. They were criticizing each other.

105. There were a lot of people there.

106. Your things were under the table.

107. They were badly in need of water.

108. His trousers were torn at school.

109. There were 2 frogs in the garden.

110. Birds were singing in their cages.

111. Rumors of defeat were circulating.

112. He speaks as if he were an expert.

113. The lion’s claws were very strong.

114. There were students in the school.

115. We were out celebrating all night.

116. They married when they were young.

117. They were studying math yesterday.

118. Footprints were left on the floor.

119. Why were you holding everyone up?

120. Reader, suppose you were an idiot.

121. I feel as if I were another person.

122. For my businessman, they were gold.

123. The streets were not crowded today.

124. The ants were affected by the rain.