Sentences with They, They in a Sentence in English, Sentences For They

Sentences with They, They in a Sentence in English, Sentences For They


1. They shout.

2. They sued us.

3. They all died.

4. Are they cops?

5. They found out.


6. They all cried.

7. They adore you.

8. They work hard.

9. They can dance.

10. They might come.

11. They want peace.


12. They must speak.

13. They were going.

14. They killed him.

15. They were moved.

16. They ate calmly.

17. They ran outside.

18. They got married.

19. They all cheered.

20. They are sleeping.

21. They aren’t twins.

22. They are brothers.

23. Shall they go now?

24. They adore Samuel.

25. They must be cops.

26. They make the bed.

27. They ran upstairs.

28. They spoke quietly.

29. They have visitors.

30. Where do they work?

31. They crept forward.

32. They commission us.

33. Are they poisonous?

34. They live unfairly.

35. They walked around.

36. They weren’t going.

37. They talk too much.

38. How will they cope?

39. Do they talk a lot?

40. They peered inside.

41. They seem surprised.

42. They live near here.

43. Do they talk a lot ?

44. They must pay taxes.

45. They have a deficit.

46. They have gone home.

47. How slow they speak!

48. They came to help me.

49. They stopped singing.

50. They must be worried.

51. They exchanged gifts.

52. Who are they sending?

53. They are running now.

54. They pay Samuel well.

55. They nodded silently.

56. They need protection.

57. They were all scared.

58. They were both naked.

59. They set off at dusk.

60. They resumed walking.

61. Aren’t they adorable?

62. They will turn round.

63. They are going inside.

64. They exchanged smiles.

65. They don’t drink coke.

66. They are very similar.

67. They exchanged hellos.

68. They can’t allow that.

69. Were they watching TV?

70. They can’t allow that.

71. They needed more time.

72. They burst into tears.

73. They were buying time.

74. They scorned the liar.

75. They tore the curtain.

76. They love eating fish.

77. They invented the car.

78. They haven’t phoned me.

79. They set off fireworks.

80. They often skip school.

81. They greeted us warmly.

82. They are all irritable.

83. They respect authority.

84. They sued us yesterday.

85. They will win the game.

86. They were all brilliant.

87. They sometimes watch TV.

88. They must study English.

89. They refused to help us.

90. They sued you last year.

91. They will agree on that.

92. They cleaned the mosque.

93. They arranged a meeting.

94. They are hand and glove.

95. They are disturbing her.

96. They had a rough voyage.

97. They were very confused.

98. They have a round table.

99. They use a lot of water.

100. They reached their goal.

101. They sought Alex’s help.

102. They watch TV every day.

103. They climbed the stairs.

104. They won’t take it away.

105. They arrived separately.

106. They work in the fields.

107. They must start at once.

108. They have bought Laptops

109. They returned the money.

110. Did they hear correctly?

111. They chased others away.

112. They must not lose hope.

113. They will buy a new car.

114. They were all concerned.

115. They often eat fish raw.

116. They caught him stealing.

117. They have gone to Canada.

118. They want to become rich.

119. They secretly sold items.

120. They hosted us very well.

121. They walk along the road.

122. They arrived at twilight.

123. They did not clap for us.

124. They go to school by bus.

125. They can raise your rent.

126. They already got married.

127. They will marry tomorrow.

128. They stayed up all night.

129. They are eager for peace.

130. They need some direction.

131. They will come after you.

132. They traveled for months.

133. They have twin daughters.

134. They are always stubborn.

135. They are waiting to cook.

136. Didn’t they light a fire?

137. They made strawberry jam.

138. They debated the problem.

139. They attend every meeting.

140. What happens if they fail?

141. They don’t live near here.

142. They tried to cheer me up.

143. They painted the door red.

144. They got a warm reception.

145. They sat by the fireplace.

146. Where are they taking you?

147. They live near the school.

148. They nodded to each other.

149. They speak English in USA.

150. They named their son John.

151. Can’t they drive this car?

152. I heard they caught Frank.

153. They smiled at each other.

154. They don’t have any money.

155. They sat in total silence.

156. They were welcomed warmly.

157. They sank ten enemy ships.

158. They will go to the school.

159. They already left the city.

160. They haven’t beaten us yet.

161. They don’t belong in there.

162. They speak English at work.

163. They carried out that plan.

164. They got him elected Mayor.

165. They surrounded the castle.

166. They live across the river.

167. They must follow the rules.

168. 91.They are not from Spain.

169. Can they enhance the image?

170. They could freeze to death.

171. They do not like fast food.

172. They all envied my new car.

173. They bubbled over with joy.

174. They smiled at one another.

175. They have run out of ideas.

176. They have bought a new car.

177. They braved the snow storm.

178. They haven’t beaten us yet.

179. They were labeled radicals.

180. They didn’t touch anything.

181. They are not coming, sorry.

182. They are as poor as can be.