Sentences with Too, Too in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Too

Sentences with Too, Too in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Too


1. I do too.

2. I took risks.

3. I am happy too.

4. Can I come too?

5. Get my tool box.


6. That’s too late.

7. You look bad too.

8. I love music, too.

9. I heard that, too.

10. They talk too much.

11. That’s too complex.


12. The truck took off.

13. This is too bright.

14. That’s too complex.

15. Don’t work too hard.

16. I ordered fries, too.

17. Who took this picture?

18. The music is too loud.

19. He took forty portals.

20. You’re too aggressive.

21. your hair is too long.

22. The room is too noisy.

23. Alex has a sweet tooth.

24. Alex arrived too early.

25. I would love a tea too.

26. This soup is too spicy.

27. His beard was too long.

28. Alex took a long drink.

29. Tom likes knitting, too.

30. Steve took off his coat.

31. You’re talking too fast.

32. His nails were too long.

33. Alex took a deep breath.

34. I took him by the wrist.

35. I am going to Spain too.

36. There’s too much garlic.

37. Alex took off his helmet.

38. It was too controversial.

39. He took his ink and left.

40. George took another bite.

41. George took a sip of tea.

42. She was beaten too easily.

43. This doesn’t look too bad.

44. The girl took off her cap.

45. I went to the theatre too.

46. Frank tends to go too far.

47. He took a tomato and left.

48. Steve took a sip of coffee.

49. She can speak Spanish, too.

50. It’s much too cold to swim.

51. I’m afraid you’re too late.

52. I’ve been married too long.

53. No one is too old to learn.

54. My problem is I’m too busy.

55. He took my wallet and left.

56. Money often costs too much.

57. You put in too much pepper.

58. We took part in the contest.

59. Samuel took up hang gliding.

60. My sister took off her coat.

61. Frank took off his overcoat.

62. Alex took the biggest plate.

63. They both know it’s too late.

64. He took his blanket and left.

65. George took off his overcoat.

66. My mother took a deep breath.

67. He took the baggage with him.

68. This sea is too deep to swim.

69. Wow! Did you get married too?

70. Steve took notes during class.

71. It is never too late to learn.

72. Life is too short to be small.

73. The pen is a tool for writing.

74. Don’t rely too much on others.

75. She took a taxi to the museum.

76. It’s always too early to quit.

77. Is the coffee too hot for you?

78. Don’t rely too much on others.

79. The teacher took them outside.

80. I was too astonished to speak.

81. Alex took an oral examination.

82. This size is too large for me.

83. This desk is too heavy to lift.

84. This box is too bulky to carry.

85. The ground was too hard to dig.

86. He took a glance at the papers.

87. He took the jars to the garden.

88. Don’t spread yourself too thin.

89. Never too much of a good thing.

90. He was too drunk to drive home.

91. This apple is too small to eat.

92. He was too shy to speak to her.

93. I’m too poor to buy a new suit.

94. It is never too late to be wise.

95. We’re going too fast, aren’t we?

96. Mexican politicians took action.

97. I think Frank is too aggressive.

98. I took the exam three weeks ago.

99. It was too soon to give up hope.

100. Alex took some artistic license.

101. Don’t depend too much on others.

102. I’m not a toothless barking dog.

103. If you want, I can help you too.

104. Don’t boast too much about that.

105. She took the taxi to the museum.

106. George has a new girlfriend too.

107. She took me into her confidence.

108. 4.Don’t eat too much before bed.

109. The computer repair took all day.

110. She drank too much strong coffee.

111. She took several apples and came.

112. 55.Don’t talk too loud at school.

113. A toothache deprived me of sleep.

114. We have asked too many questions.

115. Don’t spread yourselves too thin.

116. It took 2 days to reach the peak.

117. Who took the apples on the table?

118. Don’t get too close to the stove.

119. Alex is too weak to lift himself.

120. 41.Don’t talk too loud at school.

121. Alex depends on Jessica too much.

122. His ideas are too extreme for me.

123. Yesterday, Alex came to work too.

124. You did your homework too, right?

125. The clock on the wall is too fast.