Sentences with Up, Up in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Up

Sentences with Up, Up in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Up


1. I grew up here.

2. I wake up at 7am.

3. Go up the stairs.

4. Make up your mind.

5. It’s up one floor.


6. I got up at seven.

7. Wind up the clock.

8. Turn up the volume.

9. I stood up angrily.

10. Go up these stairs.

11. Wake me up at nine.


12. What are you up to?

13. I grew up on a farm.

14. I wake up very early.

15. Alex is grown up now.

16. Roll up your sleeves.

17. I messed up big time.

18. Samuel stood up again.

19. Will it clear up soon?

20. I’ve set up a meeting.

21. I’m tied up right now.

22. I’ve given up smoking.

23. I’m not giving up yet.

24. We cleaned up the mess.

25. Let’s wind up our work.

26. Alex stood up suddenly.

27. I haven’t given up yet.

28. I always get up at six.

29. He always gets up late.

30. I’ll meet you up there.

31. Let’s pick up the pace.

32. I have to get up early.

33. Clean up your own mess.

34. Alex must get up early.

35. We must get up at dawn.

36. Alex rolled up sleeves.

37. I’m off to pick up Alex.

38. Don’t give up the fight.

39. Let’s meet up somewhere.

40. Steve ran up the stairs.

41. I’m off to pick up Alex.

42. George grew up in Texas.

43. I jumped up in surprise.

44. I grew up in that house.

45. Don’t give up the fight.

46. It’s right up your alley.

47. Can I pull up the blinds?

48. Please make up your mind.

49. They stayed up all night.

50. I usually wake up at six.

51. Let’s set up a sign here.

52. He dressed up as a woman.

53. That’s right up my alley.

54. Don’t sneak up on people.

55. It is right up his alley.

56. My father stood up again.

57. James was up before dawn.

58. Please hang up the phone.

59. Let’s set up a sign here.

60. Brush up on your diction.

61. I grew up in the country.

62. The figures add up to 230.

63. The dog chewed up my boot.

64. My son tidied up his room.

65. Don’t hang up yet, please.

66. She used up a bar of soap.

67. I usually wake up at five.

68. I didn’t grow up in Paris.

69. I usually get up at eight.

70. Roll up your right sleeve.

71. I am hanging up my shirts.

72. She usually gets up early.

73. You have to wake up early.

74. Steve dashed up the slope.

75. I have an ace up my sleeve.

76. Steve looked up at the sky.

77. Mary was brought up by him.

78. He gets up early every day.

79. I grew up in the mountains.

80. Let’s split up into groups.

81. Just don’t give up on Alex.

82. I sneaked up behind Samuel.

83. Can’t you make up your mind?

84. I don’t want to end up poor.

85. Frank coughed up some blood.

86. Can’t you make up your mind?

87. They often wake up at 7. am.

88. He looked up at the ceiling.

89. Steve split up with Jessica.

90. Steve worked up an appetite.

91. Alex brought up the subject.

92. I’ll meet up with you later.

93. Roll up your sleeve, please.

94. Alex must’ve put up a fight.

95. Samuel took up hang gliding.

96. You’d better give up smoking.

97. My father tidied up his room.

98. I’m used to getting up early.

99. You’d better give up smoking.

100. To be up to the ears in love.

101. We ended up going home early.

102. The cat was curled up asleep.

103. Did you grow up near a beach?

104. He woke up naked and confused.

105. George signed up for the exam.

106. Jessica was brought up by him.

107. Shut up and don’t say a thing.

108. Jessica coughed up some blood.

109. Shut up and don’t say a thing.

110. John caught up with you later.

111. Steve made up for the deficit.

112. I’m picking up Alex for lunch.

113. Add up this column of figures.

114. Cheer him up when you see him.

115. 5.Alex must’ve put up a fight.

116. She was brought up by the cop.

117. I’m picking up Alex for lunch.

118. I’ll heat up the soup for you.

119. We don’t have to get up early.

120. He grew up in a Muslim family.

121. Steve was brought up in Paris.

122. They led me up the garden path.

123. My son woke up early yesterday.

124. Do you look up to your parents?

125. He got up early in the morning.

126. Don’t get all tied up in knots.

127. My sister looked up at the sky.

128. I’m fed up with all their lies.

129. John set up a company recently.

130. Frank grew up in a foster home.

131. Frank got up and left the room.

132. The teacher mixed up our names.

133. I bent over to pick up the pen.

134. Steve is hooked up to monitors.

135. We’ll meet up with Steve later.

136. No one spoke up in his defense.

137. I looked it up on the Internet.

138. I don’t want to end up in court.

139. Steve came up with a great idea.

140. He picked it up in astonishment.