Sentences with Very, Very in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Very

Sentences with Very, Very in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Very

1. It’s very cold.

2. That’s very cool.

3. You’re very good.

4. Hank’s very neat.

5. You’re very good.

6. That’s very vague.

7. He’s very curious.

8. You’re very sharp.

9. I became very ill.

10. You’re very direct.

11. I feel very chilly.

12. You look very pale.

13. We’re not very good.

14. We’re not very good.

15. She’s very flexible.

16. Soup was very tasty.

17. I feel very relaxed.

18. Samuel is very tall.

19. He is very dominant.

20. Alex is very humble.

21. Thank you very much.

22. I’m very busy today.

23. He is a very fat boy.

24. I wake up very early.

25. your dog is very big.

26. It’s very satisfying.

27. David is very active.

28. Steve is very active.

29. Footer was very poor.

30. I miss you very much.

31. Mary drives very fast.

32. My life is very happy.

33. They are very similar.

34. The river is very low.

35. Julie talks very fast.

36. It was very difficult.

37. My son is very active.

38. My cat runs very fast.

39. That’s very ingenious.

40. I’m not very athletic.

41. He looked very scared.

42. She can sew very well.

43. He looked very hopeful.

44. It makes me very happy.

45. My toes were very sore.

46. You’re both very lucky.

47. My spoon is very large.

48. I love lemon very much.

49. She looks very elegant.

50. My son draws very well.

51. It sounds very strange.

52. Kevin is very thorough.

53. Hitler was a very harsh.

54. This book is very thick.

55. I like skiing very much.

56. Potatoes look very good.

57. Steve was very relieved.

58. The food was very salty.

59. That’s very kind of you.

60. The acting is very good.

61. The climate’s very mild.

62. They were very confused.

63. She is very intelligent.

64. My teacher is very kind.

65. Steve trained very hard.

66. This makes me very angry.

67. It’s a very small window.

68. She’s very sophisticated.

69. His house is very modern.

70. The fries are very spicy.

71. This fruit is very heavy.

72. His toes were very small.

73. Her hair grows very fast.

74. Math can be very complex.

75. His nails were very pale.

76. My son was very thrilled.

77. This cloth is very thick.

78. Its teeth are very sharp.

79. Hay can burn very easily.

80. They hosted us very well.

81. My watch is very accurate.

82. The deck was very crowded.

83. Ants are very hardworking.

84. You’re very sophisticated.

85. The barn smelled very bad.

86. This is a very old school.

87. This book is very helpful.

88. Alex is very conservative.

89. The railroad was very hot.

90. His diction was very good.

91. She had a very sweet baby.

92. He’s a very gentle person.

93. I love you both very much.

94. This table is very sturdy.

95. 108.You are not very kind.

96. Frank can’t cook very well.

97. The floor is very slippery.

98. I dote on his very absence.

99. I don’t watch TV very much.

100. The boy looked very hungry.

101. Brad Pitt is very handsome.

102. I just saw a very cute cat.

103. Frank’s very sophisticated.

104. She is a very timid person.

105. She is very friendly to us.

106. It’s very small and narrow.

107. I was very happy last week.

108. Movies are very subjective.

109. His boss is very demanding.

110. He is a very decent fellow.

111. She is very clever like me.

112. I’m very good at what I do.

113. You’re a very gifted artist.

114. 101.We don’t work very hard.

115. You speak English very well.

116. She said, “I am very happy”.

117. That girl is very beautiful.

118. He was very afraid of frogs.

119. It’s a very delicate matter.

120. My mom and I are very close.

121. You are very good at sewing.

122. This plate isn’t very clean.

123. He is not working very hard.

124. She was very afraid of bugs.

125. My teacher is not very happy.

126. They look very similar to me.

127. Mexicans are very hospitable.

128. She is very selfish in class.

129. It is very cloudy in England.

130. My sister is a very shy girl.

131. Eating salad is very healthy.

132. The stream is not very swift.

133. I can’t tie a very good knot.

134. Wow! You look very beautiful.

135. The trees here are very tall.

136. He was being very aggressive.

137. She was a very talkative kid.

138. My sister is very experienced.

139. Alex was very quiet yesterday.

140. You’re very brave, aren’t you?

141. George has been very generous.

142. I am very pleased to meet you.

143. He was swimming very fast now.

144. I met a very beautiful person.

145. You don’t seem very concerned.

146. The prosecutor was very angry.

147. I like very much to do movies.

148. The food seems very delicious.

149. The teacher looked very happy.

150. You don’t seem very concerned.

151. He thinks he is very handsome.

152. My father was a very good cop.

153. I know your brother very well.

154. The criteria fit us very well.

155. She gives a very nice massage.

156. She is a very delicate person.

157. She has very neat handwriting.

158. Judy is a very clever student.

159. I’m not very good at goodbyes.

160. Bee stings can be very painful.

161. He looked very good physically.

162. I like green peppers very much.

163. She thinks he is very handsome.

164. These roads are very dangerous.

165. Our distrust is very expensive.

166. I have a very intense marriage.

167. Lung is a very important organ.

168. Alex is a very sensitive child.

169. My grandmother is very healthy.

170. Villagers love ducks very much.

171. He was a very good businessman.

172. You’re very strong, aren’t you?

173. The miners worked very eagerly.

174. The main streets are very wide.

175. That is a very complex machine.

176. Women are very good at cooking.