Sentences with Wants, Wants in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Wants

Sentences with Wants, Wants in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Wants

1. Steve wants advice.

2. Alex wants to dance.

3. Steve wants you badly.

4. My son wants a new glue.

5. Steve wants a telescope.

6. Who wants to slice pears?

7. Find out what Frank wants.

8. He wants to buy a new car.

9. She wants to be a dentist.

10. Samuel wants to protect me.

11. Is this what Jessica wants?

12. A clean hand wants no washing..

13. He wants to buy a wooden chair.

14. My father wants to stick around.

15. Steve wants me to quit this job.

16. My son wants milk every morning.

17. Who wants another piece of cake?

18. My father wants to buy his house.

19. Jessica wants to buy a new skirt.

20. My father wants to buy a new car.

21. My mother wants a glass of water.

22. My father wants to buy a new Arab.

23. Give the book to whomever wants it.

24. Steve may eat whatever he wants to.

25. The principal wants to talk to you.

26. My father wants to buy their house.

27. My mother wants to sweep the house.

28. Steve wants to get rid of the ants.

29. Alex wants to be married to Jessica

30. He wants to compete in the Olympics.

31. My mom wants to disinfect the house.

32. She wants to get a driver’s license.

33. Alex wants to build his dream house.

34. She really wants to be a consultant.

35. Tom wants you in the conference room.

36. My aunt wants me to be a good doctor.

37. Steve wants full custody of the kids.

38. Samuel wants to build his dream house.

39. Pam wants an ally to help her succeed.

40. Everybody wants Steve to be convicted.

41. Steve wants to compete in the Olympics.

42. Alex wants to learn to play basketball.

43. My father wants to purchase a new Arab.

44. He really wants to buy a new motorcycle.

45. This is the car which Alex wants to buy.

46. My son really wants to go to the circus.

47. I don’t know if she wants to come with us.