Sentences with Was and Were, Was and Were in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Was and Were

Sentences with Was and Were, Was and Were in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Was and Were


1.Alex wondered why Mary was so mad.

2.He was not a unsuccessful student.

3.Frank was caught hot-wiring a car.

4.My explanation was not sufficient.

5.Frank’s behavior was unacceptable.


6.I was irritated by his indecision.

7.My grandfather was a former miner?

8.One of Serbia’s allies was Russia.

9.I wish I was going with my father.

10.When I was 6, I could ride a bike.

11.They were playing hockey last month.


12.The sun was hot and they were tired.

13.I had no idea you were so dedicated.

14.The workers were naked to the waist.

15.You were very good, congratulations.

16.You were not doing that at that time.

17.We were forced to change our tactics.

18.We noted that things were going well.

19.The children were in the school yard.


For muc more;

1. I was bored.

2. It was vague.

3. It was bulky.

4. Alex was hit.

5. It was superb.

6. It was ironic.

7. It was a hoax.

8. A gig was good.

9. I was off duty.

10. Alex was witty.

11. I was detained.

12. It was my debut.

13. Steve was vague.

14. Jim was furious.

15. I was assaulted.

16. She was at home.

17. It was hilarious.

18. Alex was excited.

19. That was so cool.

20. How was your day?

21. My mom was tough.

22. A cop was killed.

23. It was disgusting.

24. I wish I was rich.

25. He was wide awake.

26. Frank was elderly.

27. Alex was laid off.

28. I was feeling sick.

29. I was married once.

30. How was your night?

31. Steve was laid off.

32. It was a sunny day.

33. The pasta was cool.

34. Steve was detained.

35. Steve was generous.

36. I was scared stiff.

37. There was no light.

38. That was hilarious.

39. I was just reading.

40. It was pretty neat.

41. The cloud was gray.

42. Frank was poisoned.

43. I was being ironic.

44. I was engaged once.

45. It was cool weather.

46. I was eating apples.

47. It was just an idea.

48. Steve was impatient.

49. My money was stolen.

50. Steve was hilarious.

51. Steve was disgusted.

52. I knew it was right.

53. He was insufferable.

54. It was getting dark.

55. That was amateurish.

56. That was legitimate.

57. Soup was very tasty.

58. The bus was crowded.

59. What was your major?

60. Frank was assaulted.

61. How was your summer?

62. Footer was very poor.

63. Since Adam was a boy.

64. I was about to leave.

65. One of them was mine.

66. The party was a flop.

67. Frank was wide awake.

68. Time was running out.

69. Steve was a good cop.

70. How was your weekend?

71. Where was Alex found?

72. Samuel was depressed.

73. His ankle was broken.

74. I was born in Madrid.

75. That was unnecessary.

76. It was an inside job.

77. She was drinking tea.

78. Samuel was ambitious.

79. He was acting foolish.

80. She was badly injured.

81. He was breathing fast.

82. He was only seventeen.

83. The treaty was signed.

84. How long ago was that?

85. The drain was clogged.

86. I knew Alex was cruel.

87. The apple was so sour.

88. The bride was radiant.

89. Alex was proud of you.

90. Fuzzy Wuzzy was a dog.

91. I was just tidying up.

92. It was very difficult.

93. My mother was furious.

94. Everyone was satisfied.

95. Everyone was surprised.

96. I was just speculating.

97. Alex was given a medal.

98. How was your afternoon?

99. It was just an example.

100. She was dressed in red.

101. He was fourth or third.

102. Atlantis was destroyed.

103. She was pale with fear.

104. Frank was in the queue.

105. His beard was too long.

106. I was eating an orange.

107. I was born in the west.


1. You were going.

2. You were right.

3. You were taller.

4. They were going.

5. You were the boss.

6. You were here then.

7. When were you born?

8. We were speculating.

9. We were drinking tea.

10. We were under attack.

11. I wish I were a bird.

12. You were my favorite.

13. They were all scared.

14. They were both naked.

15. How old were you then?

16. You were able to help.

17. Two seats were vacant.

18. Where were you hiding?

19. My toes were very sore.

20. You were scared, right?

21. You were made for this!

22. How were you yesterday?

23. I gather you were hurt.

24. Sixty houses were sold.

25. Eighty eggs were broken.

26. We were pretty thorough.

27. There were lots of jobs.

28. His nails were too long.

29. Thirteen cars were sold.

30. They were all concerned.

31. They were all brilliant.

32. They were very confused.

33. My parents were furious.

34. The villagers were moved.

35. His nails were very pale.

36. His lungs were blistered.

37. We were confused as well.

38. His debts were piling up.

39. You were staying at home.

40. There were 3 apples here.

41. Republicans were furious.

42. I knew you were innocent.

43. His toes were very small.

44. His parents were furious.

45. The plans were discarded.

46. We were caught in a storm.

47. We were not going to swim.

48. Fourteen eggs were broken.

49. Goose eggs were delicious.

50. We were delayed in Madrid.

51. They were welcomed warmly.

52. He wishes he were here now.

53. We were not doing homework.

54. Casualties were inevitable.

55. The lion’s claws were huge.

56. We were back to square one.

57. They were labeled radicals.

58. Some civilians were killed.

59. Seventeen houses were sold.