Sentences with We, We in a Sentence in English, Sentences For We

Sentences with We, We in a Sentence in English, Sentences For We

1. We won!

2. We won !

3. We came home.

4. We want peace.

5. We like pizza.

6. We are mature.

7. We have sinned.

8. We walked here.

9. We had a blast.

10. We walk slowly.

11. We aren’t going.

12. We went sailing.

13. Shall we go now?

14. Are we all here?

15. When will we go?

16. We ought to win.

17. What did we miss?

18. We pay Alex well.

19. We must sit down.

20. When do we leave?

21. We live in Texas.

22. We must withdraw.

23. We can’t risk it.

24. We can walk back.

25. We made a banner.

26. We spoke briefly.

27. We have a deficit.

28. We made it all up.

29. We have a dilemma.

30. We cook every day.

31. We got in a fight.

32. Where shall we go?

33. We had one chance.

34. We rode on a boat.

35. We like to travel.

36. Why don’t we check?

37. We joined the deck.

38. We chartered a bus.

39. We slept in a tent.

40. Can we afford this?

41. We can’t risk that.

42. We grow wheat here.

43. We chatted briefly.

44. We all missed Alex.

45. We missed the exit.

46. We couldn’t go out.

47. We aren’t dead yet.

48. We had a rough day.

49. Shall we begin now?

50. We tidied our room.

51. We don’t negotiate.

52. We want to help you.

53. Can’t we start over?

54. We had a rough time.

55. We had an oral exam.

56. We support you 100%.

57. Can we just move on?

58. We worked all night.

59. We have an epidemic.

60. We couldn’t risk it.

61. I know what we need.

62. We won’t get caught.

63. We had a huge fight.

64. We had believed you.

65. We plowed the field.

66. We are not sleeping.

67. We will cook dinner.

68. We can finish later.

69. We had a big dinner.

70. We can’t blame them.

71. We usually watch TV.

72. What page are we on?

73. Shall we not go out?

74. We were speculating.

75. We are going to eat.

76. We have to stay calm.

77. We suspect poisoning.

78. We used to live here.

79. We set forth at noon.

80. We can’t accept this.

81. Can we bear the cost?

82. We should leave soon.

83. We want to be strong.

84. We see with our eyes.

85. We need to cut costs.

86. We guess that’s true.

87. We were drinking tea.

88. We have to leave now.

89. We had driven wagons.

90. We clapped our hands.

91. Could we go home now?

92. Are we going to lose?

93. We want to negotiate.

94. We can use your help.

95. We can seat you soon.

96. We studied at school.

97. We can change things.

98. We guess that’s true.

99. Will we have decided?

100. We were under attack.

101. Did we hit something?

102. We should leave early.

103. We ought to leave now.

104. We need to buy powder.

105. How much do I owe you?

106. I’m sure we all agree.

107. We agreed to disagree.

108. Do we know each other?

109. We cut the pie in two.

110. We returned the money.

111. We posed for pictures.

112. I think we can go out.

113. We all have our flaws.

114. Can we meet somewhere?

115. We didn’t find my son.

116. We don’t hear a thing.

117. We named the dog Coco.

118. We have a new problem.

119. We need authorization.

120. We have a lot of food.

121. We may have a problem.

122. We tried to warn Alex.

123. We need a sharp knife.

124. We can’t risk waiting.

125. We knelt down to pray.

126. We captured the thief.

127. We agreed to the plan.

128. We should take a walk.

129. We will soon take off.

130. We need a new printer.

131. We bought a new house.

132. Shall we make pudding?

133. We don’t get visitors.

134. We lost by two points.

135. We have plenty of time.

136. We exchanged greetings.

137. We can talk on the bus.

138. We will need more food.

139. We ate pizza last week.

140. We must alter our plan.

141. Well, what shall we do?

142. We heard the door open.

143. We should have a drink.

144. We added something new.

145. I think we should wait.

146. We must be leaving now.

147. We can’t open this yet.

148. I know I owe you money.

149. We had a narrow escape.

150. We cleaned up the mess.

151. We’re doing all we can.

152. We will not have come.

153. We must get up at dawn.

154. We can plead ignorance.

155. We agree on this point.

156. 96.Shall we not go out?

157. We have worn new cloth.

158. We know where you live.

159. We will ride our bikes.

160. We see them every week.

161. We need a large garden.

162. We will have met Julie.