Sentences with With, With in a Sentence in English, Sentences For With

Sentences with With, With in a Sentence in English, Sentences For With


1. Bear with me.

2. Come with me.

3. Deal with them.

4. Go with the flow.

5. I agree with you.


6. I’ll ride with you.

7. Stay with Alex now.

8. Don’t play with me.

9. Come along with me.

10. She danced with him.

11. Sing a song with me.


12. Isn’t Alex with you?

13. He yelled with pain.

14. I’m dealing with it.

15. I’ll stick with Alex.

16. Do you agree with me?

17. Come with me, please.

18. I will come with you.

19. We see with our eyes.

20. I’ve had it with you.

21. I need to be with you.

22. Are you angry with me?

23. You will come with me.

24. I’ll meet with Samuel.

25. Alex is angry with us.

26. I’m furious with Alex.

27. I had lunch with Alex.

28. I need help with this.

29. She was pale with fear.

30. I had lunch with Steve.

31. Steve is with a client.

32. She spoke with a frown.

33. Come and dance with us!

34. I am disgusted with him.

35. Do all things with love.

36. What shall I do with it?

37. Join us to chat with us.

38. We gain wisdom with age.

39. Water expands with heat.

40. I partly agree with you.

41. I’d like to go with you.

42. I fell in love with you.

43. I belong with my family.

44. I’m infatuated with you.

45. Do you agree with Frank?

46. I’ll go along with that.

47. I’ll deal with it later.

48. We smell with our noses.

49. She agreed with my idea.

50. I am disgusted with you.

51. Gray goes well with red.

52. Fill the pot with water.

53. I fell in love with her.

54. I won’t argue with that.

55. Was she dancing with you?

56. I can’t talk with people.

57. I totally agree with Tom!

58. She burned with jealousy.

59. Can I help you with this?

60. I can’t take you with me.

61. I beg to differ with you.

62. You have to come with me.

63. I agree with your opinion.

64. I often converse with her.

65. 118.Do not play with fire.

66. She is not going with you.

67. Light tomorrow with today!

68. She fell in love with him.

69. She came down with a cold.

70. May the force be with you.

71. 18.Come and dance with us!

72. Peace begins with a smile.

73. Peace begins with a smile..

74. Appetite comes with eating.

75. Soup is drunk with a spoon.

76. I’m terrible with patience.

77. I slept with my clothes on.

78. I don’t get along with him.

79. What’s wrong with this one?

80. I don’t hang out with Alex.

81. It will make jam with jars.

82. Dry your face with a towel.

83. I enjoyed talking with him.

84. Who’s singing with him now?

85. The coat is lined with fur.

86. She can’t cope with stress.

87. 17.Join us to chat with us.

88. We’ll deal with them later.

89. To work with the left hand.

90. We’ll deal with them later.

91. I’m snowed under with work.

92. Let’s check with an expert.

93. Sheep provide us with wool.

94. He said with a weary shrug.

95. We can’t compete with that.

96. He turned pale with fright.

97. They bubbled over with joy.

98. I want a lifetime with you.

99. Tarred with the same brush.

100. She exploded with laughter.

101. Somebody with disabilities.

102. I can’t deal with this now.

103. Do you want fries with that?

104. You might want to go with us

105. You can empathize with that.

106. You’re so impatient with me.

107. Steve split up with Jessica.

108. I miss hanging out with you.

109. I want a room with a shower.

110. Stir the paint with a stick.

111. I have trouble with physics.

112. Bear patiently with a rival.

113. My sister wept with emotion.

114. I’ll deal with Samuel later.

115. To angle with a silver hook.

116. We have no quarrel with you.

117. I’ll meet up with you later.

118. Jane is walking with her dog.

119. I am familiar with your name.

120. How many guests are with you?

121. I bet you won’t come with me.

122. Alex was shivering with cold.

123. We can’t compete with Africa.

124. I am a little angry with him.

125. To come out with clean hands.

126. She pleaded with him to stay.

127. It was nice to talk with you.

128. I’ve fallen in love with you.

129. Please go on with your story.

130. Cut the papers with scissors.