Sentences with Yesterday, Yesterday in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Yesterday

Sentences with Yesterday, Yesterday in a Sentence in English, Sentences For Yesterday


1. They sued us yesterday.

2. How were you yesterday?

3. It was cloudy yesterday.

4. I saw a movie yesterday.

5. I rented a car yesterday.


6. We talked again yesterday.

7. I washed my car yesterday.

8. Whom did you see yesterday?

9. I went to school yesterday.

10. He made me a box yesterday.

11. I worked all day yesterday.


12. He went to school yesterday.

13. He dug the garden yesterday.

14. He cleaned the car yesterday.

15. Alex began to work yesterday.

16. My aunt came to us yesterday.

17. He slept all night yesterday.

18. We booked the hotel yesterday.

19. We had a heavy rain yesterday.

20. Frank made me a box yesterday.

21. I felt a little bad yesterday.

22. Alex was very quiet yesterday.

23. I went to bed early yesterday.

24. Did you have dinner yesterday?

25. I went to the party yesterday.

26. Did he go to school yesterday?

27. My son woke up early yesterday.

28. They came to help us yesterday.

29. I worked for 3 hours yesterday.

30. She went to the park yesterday.

31. I bought 2 new shoes yesterday.

32. I saw you in my dream yesterday.

33. Did you see yesterday‘s episode?

34. Why was she so grumpy yesterday?

35. A ship sank near here yesterday.

36. I went to the theatre yesterday.

37. Barcelona won yesterday‘s match.

38. I did not go to school yesterday.

39. Yesterday, Alex came to work too.

40. I spent the day in bed yesterday.

41. I had a very bad dream yesterday.

42. It was raining yesterday evening.

43. He didn’t come with us yesterday.

44. It was raining heavily yesterday.

45. Was it raining yesterday evening?

46. She hasn’t slept since yesterday.

47. My mother cooked for us yesterday.

48. I bought a new computer yesterday.

49. I purchased 2 new shoes yesterday.

50. Were they studying math yesterday?

51. These dirty socks stank yesterday.

52. They were studying math yesterday.

53. They set sail for Texas yesterday.

54. I visited yesterday with my cousin.

55. Steve came from Istanbul yesterday.

56. Frank drove Mary to work yesterday.

57. I came early from school yesterday.

58. I learned a lot in class yesterday.

59. The school was very quiet yesterday.

60. My bag was left at school yesterday.

61. It rained a lot in Ankara yesterday.

62. The weather was beautiful yesterday.

63. I wish I had met my uncle yesterday.

64. We ate pizza at 8 o’clock yesterday.

65. We ate pizza yesterday with friends.

66. The Senate passed the bill yesterday.

67. His employer dismissed him yesterday.

68. We started working on this yesterday.

69. My father bought a new car yesterday.

70. The girl beat on the window yesterday.

71. What time did you go to bed yesterday?

72. Her application was approved yesterday.

73. I contacted George yesterday afternoon.