5 Example of Biography, Biography Samples and Formats

5 Example of Biography, Biography Samples and Formats



Biography appears as a genre of literature. There are different types. Biography in general means telling about a person’s life. In our article, you will find answers to the questions of what is a biography and how to write it.

What Should Be Considered When Writing A Biography? How To Write A Biography?

Biography means writing about a person. Therefore, a person must be determined first. Usually, biographies are written for well-known people. Shakespeare, for example, could be an example. So what should be considered while writing? Chronology is important when writing a biography. We have to give the events in order.

So what do we need to talk about? We can talk about the person’s place of birth, place of residence, education, business life, marriages, and children. Apart from these, we can add important events in the person’s life to the biography. Biographies can consist of five different types and these are as follows.

  • Popular biography
  • Historical biography
  • Literary biography
  • Reference biography
  • Fictional biography

Why Are Biographies Written?

The purpose of writing a biography is not always just to do literature. They can be written to help us learn from the lives of important people. They can also serve as a guide for us. This is not the case with fictional biographies. Those works are written for literary purposes only and are delightful to the reader.

Examples Of Biography

Below you will see different examples of the biography. Biographies are long works. We offer you some snippets. The names mentioned below are purely fictional.

  • Emily Anderson is a very successful writer born in 1991. She herself completed her education at Cambridge University. His works are always published in the horror category. She has received many awards and appeared in different magazines so far. She is now married and has 3 children. He has 5 works in total, but she declared that he will continue to write.
  • Mark Merlin appears as a Nobel prize-winning physicist. He was born in 1960 and died in 2005. He actually started his education in Spain but studied university in America. The university he graduated from is Harvard University. The reason for his Nobel Prize winner is his discovery of a previously undiscovered physics rule. He was married 3 times but has no children. His main profession is teaching. He did his work in his spare time.
  • Coming from a very poor family, Matthew Wesley is a self-help professional who has improved a lot over time. A person who has devoted his life to learning and teaching. He was born in 1985 and has analyzed our age very well. His main profession is software engineering. The reason it does not do its job is that enough software is already in progress. His purpose is to inspire and motivate people. He gives seminars every week. His seminars are famous around the world and she goes to different countries. You can also attend these seminars online if you wish.
  • Would you like to meet a very famous photographer? You will be surprised to see why he became famous. Jack Brown is a blind photographer. So how does he take pictures of it? Thanks to his mother, who is always beside him. He has not received any training. When asked, he said that he was very impressed by the sound of the camera. He cannot see himself, but he makes people’s memories immortal. Despite not seeing it, he decides where the photos will be taken and the poses and tells people. He won an award for some of the landscape photographs he took. She tells her mother what she wants a picture and her mom tells her to press the shutter when the time is right. This turns out to be a complete success story.

As you can see in the examples, we talked about different characteristics of people. You don’t always have to talk about education or anything else. Specifically, a biography can be written by mentioning 2 features. First of all, you need to determine the features you want to focus on. You can also choose to write in much more detail while writing. However, you usually have to pay attention to the chronological order.