Can I learn English by myself? Ways to improve your English by yourself

Can I learn English by myself? Ways to improve your English by yourself

Can I learn English by myself?

Can I learn English by myself? Millions of people ask this question nowaday. However they do not do anything to learn English. Act is important in English and all other languages.

You should “do” somethings. You should do practice, you should do homeworks and you should do listenings and readings. So answer is yes, you can learn English by yourself but self discipline is very important for this. Today we will take a look at the ways of learning English by yourself. Here the most important steps to learn English by yourself:


How can I learn English by myself at home?

1- First rule is: never pass a day without doing exercises. Because language dies so fast. Do somethings every single day. This is the most important rule. Practice is vital for language.

2- Buy a grammar book and start to learn English with grammar book. Learn the sentence setting rules and 5 tenses. Simple present tense, present continuous tense, simple past tense, past continuous tense and future tense are very important for grammar, learn these first of all. Modals are also very important for English.

3- Buy an English story book for beginners to improve your reading skill. 2 sided story book is important for English. One of side should be on your native language and the other side should be English. Thus you can check your mistakes and learn the rules fast. Story book is like a teacher. Teaches you everything like grammar, vocabulary, tenses and modals. Start with level 1 story book and go ahead to harder levels like Level 2, Level 3 and more.

4- Write diaries every single day. Writing is important for your grammar and practice. English is always about writing speaking, listening and writing. So writing is very important.

5- Find friends from social media web sites and applications and start to do live chat with them. Thus your speaking, writing, listening and reading skills will be increased.

Can I learn English in my country?

You can learn English in your country but this journey will not be easy however still there is a chance. All you need to do is doing daily practices at your home. You should do frequent practices at your home and you will need internet connection. You should also load Whatsapp and other communication softwares to your mobile devices. Thus you can talk with your foreigner friends from your home.


How can I learn English easily?

If your all friends be foreigner, you will learn English in your country easily. This is the most used method all around the world. You may think how can I do this, but you can do it. You should not talk your native language in your empty times. You may talk your native language at work but after the work hour you need to talk English completely all day. The best way is finding online friends.

Today we have tried to give you the most important tips to talk English in your country. Learning English is not too hard. All you need to know that you should do practice every hour and every day. Practice is secret for language.