Persuasive Speech Examples, Topics and Definitions

Persuasive Speech Examples, Topics and Definitions


Examples of Persuasive Speech

The language is the strongest and the most dangerous tool of human civilization. With proper usage, devil demagogues can rule the world. Also in marketing, you need to convince the customer to buy your product. This is the process that needs a persuasive speech, too. If the industry still hiring the graduates of English literature or language, this is because of the power of language. We still mention Seneca. Why? He was one of the greatest rhetoricians in history. Let’s generate brief examples for you in hypothetical situations.

Example 1

Let’s say, you want to go camping with your girlfriend. But she has never been on a camping trip and afraid of cold and wild animals. She wants to go on a lame hotel vacation with annoyingly hot sun. You want to convince her to go on a camping trip.

Your persuasive speech will be like this:

“Darling, you know I can’t stand the hot and damp hotel vacations. Consider me I am a Husky. Would you take me there? On one hand, hotel vacations are your habit. You need to experience different things. I go camping twice a month. Don’t you wonder what is great about it? Don’t be afraid, I will be there in case of any emergency. If you want to leave there early, we will. I want to try this for my sake. On the other hand, I have no resistance against the hot weather. My mood will down there. While you are having fun, Where Is My Mind will be playing in my mind by Pixies.”

If the answer is still no. We recommend you to review your relationship.


Example 2

In this scenario, you started a business as a startup. You will be at the investor presentations. The only thing you need there is a reasonable investment there. What will you do? A presentation of course. Your beholder will be businesspeople who have more digits than your ID. Let’s convince them to invest in you. Examine carefully the flow.

“Hello, I am Erlich Bachmann, the CTO of Bachmanity Corp. I am proud to be here, you are the most successful investors in the country who know the value of any product. After 15 years in the software industry, I present you potentially the most profitable enterprise of this era.

It is a kind of fin-tech app that helps you to manage your assets. There is a solid artificial intelligence algorithm behind it. Also, the AI keeps learning by the application of deep learning. Yes, I support my strong arguments with both my great academic and industrial past. As my resume in your hands says, my Master’s Degree was 4.00 in computer science. Even if my fin-tech career is not as impressive as my computer game industry career, I saw the potential profits here and I decided to produce a talented software product. I, Erlich Bachmann, am managing my own personal fund by this system.

You see the profits I made with this system on the chart. So, what is your decision?”

If you are not lying probably you got the investment there.

Example 3

We continue to produce examples. Your best friend is moody because of the latest developments in his life. He thinks life is meaningless. You need to return your friend to life. What would you say?



“You said that life-changing that’s true. Life always evolves into something different. The joy of life is here. Don’t you wonder what will happen next? Also, you say we live in a weird time. Life was always a bit weird.

You know what if life was something predictable you probably got bored all the time.

Yes, you had experienced lots of bad things. But remember the Stoic thought. There are two types of situations in life. The one that you can not do anything to change its existence. Like society, people. The other one is the things that you can change through your effort. Like your social relations, your physical appearance. Know the existence of unchangeable and try to change the ones that can be changed by your efforts.”

You can leave a positive impression on your friend with this speech.