What Is The Thesis Statement? Examples of Thesis Statements

What Is The Thesis Statement? Examples of Thesis Statements

Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is the must-have sentence of an article. You must use a specific and understandable thesis statement. In our article today, we will explain what the thesis statement is and show you examples.

What Is The Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement consists of one sentence. This sentence is in the introductory paragraph of an article. You can put the Thesis statement at the end or beginning of the introductory paragraph. It is generally preferred to be put at the end. So what is the purpose of the thesis statement sentence? It is to give general information about the subject you will write about. When someone reads your thesis statement sentence, they should understand what you are writing about.

What Should You Pay Attention To When Writing Thesis Statement?

A thesis statement does not mean any sentence. Now we’ll tell you what to look for when writing your Thesis statement.

  • You need to write from general to specific and show your side clearly.
  • The subject you are talking about should be clearly stated.
  • The thesis statement should be considered as the main idea.
  • Your Thesis statement sentence should differ depending on the topic you are going to write about.
  • The Thesis statement will be a guide for you. As you write your article, you should go back and read it often. So you can complete the article without going beyond the subject.
  • You must give specific reasons and goals.

Examples Of Thesis Statement

Below you will see thesis statement examples and their explanations.

  • Children’s use of social media is a highly debated issue. Parents are divided into two on this issue. Many people think that social media does not hurt children. Children should not use social media because they are influenced by seeing unreal lives.

As you can see in our example, we stated that we would argue that children should not use social media. We said that the reason for this is that they were affected by seeing the lives that are not real. Now the reader knows what to advocate for the rest of the article. They also learned why we defended this idea.

  • Nature holidays and sea holidays are quite common holiday types. However, people often can’t decide which one is more enjoyable. Actually, the answer to this question depends on what you expect. I think a sea holiday should be preferred because while you are on a sea holiday, you can also be in touch with nature.

You see a comparison here. Sea holidays and nature holidays are compared. In his thesis statement, the author clearly explained why you should choose a sea vacation. He or she will write the rest of the article adhering to this. Since an optional topic is mentioned here, I think is used in the thesis statement sentence. This is an example of how the thesis statement sentence varies by subject.

  • Books should not be read digitally because there can be too much distraction. Reading books digitally has become quite common in recent years. This, unfortunately, reduces the efficiency of the books. Any notification is a distraction. That’s why we should prefer to read the books directly.

In this example, we put the thesis statement first. This method is also frequently preferred. Again, we mentioned a specific reason in our example. We will explain this reason in more detail in the development paragraphs. A thesis statement provides us with a guide at this point. We need to look at the thesis statement for the entire article and explain the distractions one by one. That’s why it’s important to set a proper thesis statement.

  • A debate has been raised these days when we are experiencing the Covid-19 process. Distance education or better face-to-face education? In fact, both methods have their good and bad sides. It seems quite difficult to choose. Face-to-face education should be applied because it feels more realistic and less distracting.

We have made our side clear in the Thesis statement. We have presented two different reasons to choose face-to-face education. It is necessary to focus on these two reasons in development paragraphs. The thesis statement can occur for two or three reasons. If you provide more than one specific reason, you should mention them in the article. The reader will expect to see them.