Expressions of Time in English

Expressions of Time in English, Time Expressions in Past Tense, Present Tense and Future Tense;


Time Expressions in English

Time Expressions in PAST Tense

  • In the past
  • A long times ago
  • The day before Yesterday
  • Recently
  • In 2011
  • Yesterday
  • A little while ago
  • An hour ago
  • This morning
  • When I was born
  • One week ago
  • Last week
  • Last month
  • Last year


Time Expressions in PRESENT Tense

  • Nowadays
  • These days
  • Right now
  • As we speak
  • Today
  • This week
  • This month
  • This year
  • At the moment
  • Now
  • At this time


Time Expressions in FUTURE Tense

  • Next month
  • Next year
  • In an hour
  • Soon
  • Way off in the future
  • The day after tomorrow
  • Eventually
  • Tomorrow
  • Next week
  • In the near future
  • Later this evening
  • In the future


Time Expression Example Sentences;

My sister died a long time ago.

They didn’t sleep well last night.

We met again the next day.

They will study that tomorrow.

Don’t worry Alex, They will come in an hour.


Maybe it’il take too long, but you will eventually make it.

He was a good boy in the past.

They will buy new next month.

Will my friend finish my work today?

This year, everything will be very nice.

Soon we’ll start working with you.


I need you to answer me right now. Why did you do that?

Nowadays, the issue of global warming is not included in the press reports.

We went to Madrid last year on holiday. We had a very nice holiday.

In 2012 he published an article on animal rights.

In the future, the treatment of cancer will be found.

I’ve already seen this movie.

I guess the expected price increase will be announced these days.

I hope Sansa gets the hike this month expectation.

Time Expressions Example Sentences in English