Using A few, Few, A little, Little in English

How to use A few, Few, A little, Little in English and example sentences

Using A few, Few, A little, Little in English

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A few

A few represents a positive quantity. It is used with plural nouns. It means some, a small amount.

A few + Plural Countable Nouns


  • He has a few good friends so he is happy.
  • There are a few books on the shelf.
  • We stayed a few days in Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower.



Few represents a negative quantity or shortage. It is used with plural countable nouns. It means not many, not enough.

Few + Plural Countable Nouns


  • I have got fewfriends in the city so I am lonely.
  • They have got fewcake on the table.
  • He has fewphotos on Instagram.


A little

A little is used with positive quantity and non-countable nouns.

It means “a small amount” or “some”.


  • There is a little milk in the refrigerator
  • Would you like a little water?
  • Mary got a little bit of pie.
  • Can’t you discount it a little?



Little expresses a diminutive size or a negative quantity.

Little means “almost nothing” or “not much”.


  • I’m sorry, I speak littleFrench.
  • There was littletime to finish my homework.
  • The kitten is little.
  • I have drunk littlewater this morning.

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