Verb + Preposition; OF and Examples

Verb + Preposition; OF and Examples. Verb + of list and example sentences;


Verb + Preposition OF List and Example Sentences

  • Approve of
  • Accuse of
  • Bilk out of
  • Compose of
  • Conceive of
  • Consist of
  • Convict of
  • Convince of
  • Cure of
  • Despair of
  • Disapprove of
  • Dream of
  • Get rid of
  • Get tired of
  • Hear of
  • Hope of
  • Remind of
  • Rob of
  • Suspect of
  • Think of

Approve of: Mary wouldn’t approve of that attitude.

Accuse of: Alex accused me of lying.

Bilk out of: This people were bilked out of more than $30,000.

Compose of: What’s it composed of?

Conceive of: I can’t conceive of George doing that.


Consist of: A basketball team consists of eleven players.

Convict of: No one has been convicted of the situation yet.

Convince of: They couldn’t convince her of her mistakes.

Cure of: That doctor may cure him of his sick.

Disapprove of: His mother had always disapproved of Sam.

Dream of: We dream of time off.

Get rid of: Mice are difficult creatures to get rid of.


Get tired of: I never get tired of that.

Hear of: They were glad to hear of this news.

Hope of: Michael has no hope of getting in shape.

Remind of: You remind me of my sister.

Suspect of: My mother will suspect me of worse than she does now.

Think of: Can’t you think of it differently?