Idioms About Bird, List of Idioms Related To Bird

English Idioms, Definition and Example Sentences with Bird


English Idioms, Definition and Example Sentences with Bird

Bird Idioms

Idioms or idiomatic expressions are known as sentence combinations that have different meanings rather than separate meanings of individual words. It has idiomatic meanings that are symbolic and figurative. Many people find it difficult to understand idioms because of their idiomatic meanings. In this lesson, we will give information about bird idioms.

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Now let’s look at the examples;

Egg and chicken condition: Indicates that two different events occur together and it is difficult to see which one causes the other and is related to two factors. Each is a condition that causes the other. For example;

  • I don’t know if you need to buy a new laptop. I can make some money with the old laptop and then buy a new computer. This event is like chicken and egg conditions.

Bird feed: Indicates a small amount of money or items. For example;

  • The amount of money I received last night was as much as bird feed, and I was very worried about it.

Bird hearted: It means easy to be scared and cowardly. For example;

  • Tommy introduced his friend as a bird-hearted and annoyed his friend.

Birds come home to perch: A person’s words or actions come back to cause trouble. For example;

  • Jean always treats other people very rude. However, he came home to roost the birds, and now people are very rude to him now.

Bird story: It means an absurd story. For example;

  • Elia told her teacher a bird story about why she didn’t do her homework.

Cold bird: It is used when a person withdraws immediately and completely from a situation in which he has become addicted and stops taking addictive drugs or tries to stop a bad habit. For example;

  • The planned state program has helped drug addicts stop using cold bird drugs.

Cooking goose: To damage a person’s plans is to harm or destroy a person. For example;

  • Tahanna sued her company and cooked her goose.

Counting the bird before hatching: It means thinking and being addicted before you really get anything. For example;

  • Do not count the birds before they hatch. Remember, you may not be able to find a new job and therefore you shouldn’t spend a lot of money.

Two birds with one stone: It is used to achieve two different events with one thing. For example;

  • Meet when you go to the store to go shopping, so you can kill two or two birds with one stone.

Pecking order: The way people are ranked in relation to each other. For example;

  • He did not work in the company for a very long time, so he has not yet understood the pecking order.

Rare bird: Used to mean an unusual person. For example;

  • Selmia is a rare bird and has experienced many interesting events in her life.