Idioms About Friendship, List of Friendship Idioms

Idioms About Friendship, List of Friendship Idioms


The bond of being together with people whose tastes and likes are close and we love to spend time together is called friendship. Even when we meet some people, our frequencies appropriate and we can establish a strong friendship bond. But we may not find this harmony with some people and become friends. Friendships can last for many years unless there is a problem between us.

Partnering with each other’s troubles means being with your friend on the good day and the bad day, comforting him / his, having a good time together, and running for the help of our loved one in bad time.

There are a wide variety of languages in the world, and each language has idioms that reflect its own culture and characteristics. The English language also has its own idioms. The terms related to the word friendship are given below with sample sentences:

+300 English Idioms, Definitions and Examples

Through thick and thin: We made a promise today that we will be together on this good day and bad day with this girl.

A shoulder to cry on: My biggest worry partner is Jack, whom we’ve been together since the age of three.

Cross someone’s path: Our paths unexpectedly crossed with you two years ago.

A friend in need is a friend indeed: There was always a word my grandfather said to me, ‘a friend in need is a friend indeed.’

Make friends: We are too late to be friends with you, I could not guess that we would get along so well.

Build bridges (between): We have been with you for almost 5 years, I think it’s time to build bridges our relationships.

Birds of a feather: Today, a new girl has come to school, we have been chatting for a couple of hours, we think our birds of a feather is the same.

Man’s best friend: I think he is my most loyal friend.

To be on the same page / wavelength: We both understood that we were on the same frequency since the first day.

To get on like a house on fire: There was a idiom we learned at school today, ‘to get on like a house on fire.’

To speak the same language: We get along so well because we always speak the same language with you.

To know someone inside out: It is such a nice feeling to know someone in all directions, there is even a saying that is said on it, ‘to know someone inside out.’

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