30 Common Phrasal Verbs, Definition and Example Sentences

30 Common Phrasal Verbs, Definition and Example Sentences


Clear sb off

Meaning: to make sb go away from a place

Example Sentence: The police’ll use dogs to clear the protesters off the road.


Clear up

Meaning: to solve or explain

Example Sentence: I think the trouble will clear up in a couple of days.


Check off

to mark with a tick


Let’s check off the names of the people to be invited.


Knock off

to stop working at the end of the day

What time will they knock off?


Knock back

to quickly drink sth

We have knocked back  two double rums.


Knock up

to build or assemble  sth quickly


He knocked up a bed out of  some old pieces of wood?


Check in

Confirm you are taking a flight

I usually check in online.


Touch down

Land (planes)

Our flight touched down before night.


Hold up

Delay when travelling

I’m sorry, I am late but I was help up at work.


Set off

Start a journey

They set off for London just after five.


Stop over

Stay at a place for a night on the way to somewhere else

They stopped over in Singapore on their way to Australia.


Get away

Take a vacationespecially because you need a rest

I would love to get away and go to the beach next month.



Keep from

refraincontrol yourself

I couldn’t keep from playing football.


Keep in

not allow someone out.

Children were kept in after school.


Keep off

to not touch something

He kept off the subject of his divorce.


Keep away

to avoid someone or something

You must keep away medicines from children.


Make after

to chase or follow

The policeman made after the thief.


Make up

to make peace

Please come back. I want to make up.


Make out

to succeed in business

How are you making out in your new job?


Make up for

to recovermake sth better

Nothing can make up for the loss of a child.


Read back

to read something again

Please read back the text of the message.


Read up on sth

to read a lot about in order to learn about it

read up on the history of the World War II.


Read over

look for mistakes or check details

I asked her to read over my essay.


Read through

to read quickly beginning to the end

Always read through your work when you’ve finished.


Look ahead

to think about future

The past is past. Let us look ahead.


Look after

to take care of sb/sth

He’s not competent to look after young children.


Look round

to visit a place and look at the things in it

I will spend all day looking round the city.


Look on

to watch sth happen without taking part in it

Look on the bright side –no one was badly hurt.


Look forward to

something that is going to happen

He had worked hard and was looking forward to his retirement.


Look in

to pay a short visit

You’ll look in and say hello when you have time.


Take over

to get control of sth

He can take over the business when I’m away.


Take away

to remove sth/sb from

Take away the glasses and the tray.


Take in

to allow sb to stay in your home

My house is full; I can’t take in any more guests.


Take down

to remove sth from a high position

Take down this book and read slowly.


Cut back

to reduce

The Government will cut  back on defence spending.


Cut in

to interrupt

When you cut in on our conversationwe were talking.


Cut into

to shortening into parts or to make sth smaller

Knives easily cut into the cake.


Cut across

to make a shorter route

If I cut across the field, it’ll save time.


Cut through

to go through by cutting

Wcut through the solid rock to build the tunnel .


Cut up

to cut into pieces

My mother cut up the onionand put them in the pot.


Cut out

to stop working

There are two enginesOne of them cut out yesterday.


Let in

Meaning; to allow sth/sb to enter

Example Sentence; She opened the window to let in some fresh air.


Let into

Meaning; to put into the surface of sth

Example Sentence; A skylight had been let into the roof.