50 Examples of Prefixes, Definition and Example Sentences

50 Examples of Prefixes, Definition and Example Sentences

English 50 Examples of Prefixes, Definition and Examples

50 examples of prefixes

In order to fully learn the English language, it is necessary to discover the word origins and the suffixes to the words and to know them in detail. This requires an effort, of course. Curious about the prefixes varieties in the English language? We have researched the 50 most popular prefixes for you and presented them in detail with sample sentences. You can start looking at 50 different alternatives below!

1. Anti: I would like to produce an antithesis against this theory, but I feel inadequate.

2. De: I want to deactivate this component I prepared, I started working.

3. Dis: Electronic devices that I have connected before faced with the problem of disconnect.

4. Emp: It is necessary to make an emphasis on this situation, in fact I did not want to hurt you and situations did not occur within my knowledge.

5. En: Whenever I walk on the street, I encounter Miller, it’s nice to see him even after so many years.

6. Fore: Listening to the weather forecast relieves me.

7. In: Infiltrate device, we have ensured that the water is separated from other microorganisms.

8. Im: If you don’t want an imbalance to occur, you need to measure gently at every step.

9. In: Usually the concept of injustice stands out in countries where human rights are not developed.

10. Inter: I completed my bachelor’s degree in international relations, after that I am thinking of continuing my education in master’s and doctorate stages.

11. Mid: After changing our route to Middway, we realized that where we came from was much safer. So we regret it a lot.

12. Mis: You really misunderstood me, I had no problem with you and I was making a general criticism.

13. Non: I feel a lot of complicated feelings like nonexists, and it is impossible for me to analyze my psychology.

14. Over: Wouldn’t it be more correct for you to react excessively to what happened to us or to you, to evaluate the situation calmly and to return to us later?

15. Pre: Enrolling your children in preschool can be an important step in getting them used to new social life.

16. Re: I don’t want to return to this situation, everything seems to be spoken seems to be spoken. Do you think more is needed?

17. Semi: If you want to perform a true cross-stitch art, you should have a clear idea of the overall pattern when creating the semicircle.

18. Sub: Gramsci’s work on infrastructure and superstructure is still very important and decisive for us today.

19. Super: Tarkan is one of the most beloved superstars in Turkey. Everyone agrees.

20. Trans: Companies that are interested in transportation activities in the international arena have been experiencing problems due to the economic crisis recently.

21. Un: I have to say that I am unsatisfied with this situation, the project did not meet my expectations.

22. Filed Under: Did you really understand me? I am still skeptical about this.

23. Auto: I took the plane to the autopilot system, so I reduced the probability of any error to zero.

24. Bi: If you want your child to be bilingual, you need to teach them about at least two languages ​​before the age of seven.

25. Cir: There was a circle shaped area and aesthetic flowers were planted around this area.

26. Com: If you want to combine different pieces in style, you will really like these recommendations that we prepared for you.

27. Dis: It really upset me that you had dishonest behavior in this regard. So I don’t want to talk to you for a while.

28. Ex: Do you know where the exit part of this building is? I couldn’t find it.

29. Extra: The vast majority of the extraordinary events that take place today give us important messages that we are entering a new and unique era.

30. Macro: One of the most challenging courses at the university was macroeconomics.

31. Micro: If you are interested in microbiology, you should follow this man who is working on genetics.

32. Mini: Recently, I searched for minicomputer to make my work more comfortable.

33. Mono: It is possible to say that monogamy marriages are more common traditionally. But this is not the only alternative.

34. Poly: I went to a very detailed math lesson about polynomials, but still I did not fully understand the subject.

35. Multi: If you want to lead a healthy life, you should use multivitamin pills.

36. Ob: You give up immediately when an obstacle appears. This is your worst feature.

37. Omni: I have an omnipressent belief in God. So I never felt lonely or fearful in my life.

38.Per: The information we perceive during the day determines what mood we will have at the end of the day.

39. Prime: You embarrass me by displaying primitive behavior.

40. Pro: I’m really glad you promoted it, congratulations.

41. Retro: Retrospective perspective has an important place in the psychology literature.

42. Tri: One of the topics that I find most difficult in geometry lessons is triangles, I am not really good at finding unknown angles.

43. Uni: Although we saw a Unidirectional sign, we continued to move in the wrong direction. I don’t really know what we can do next.

44. Un: He showed an uninterested attitude in this regard. So everyone broke down on him.

45. Peri: Unless we realize the peripheral factors, we cannot approach the subject in a holistic way.

46. Penta: The Pentagon is currently creating strange agendas.

47. Equ: It is important for me that all the people living in the world are completely equal, and thus ensuring justice.

48. Epi: Have you read the Epilogue section? I read it and was really impressed.

49. Ante: Our antecedent have also lived here for many years.

50. Maxi: Maximal images affect me a lot in home decoration.