Verb + Preposition; ABOUT and Examples

Verb + Preposition; ABOUT and Examples. Verb + ABOUT list and example sentences;

Verb + Preposition about in English

Argue about

Meaning: debate, discuss, dispute, moot, wrangle

Example Sentences:

  • They don’t want to argue with you about this issue.
  • The announcer wanted to argue about the global warming.


Boast about

Meaning: bragging, pride

Example Sentences:

  • She likes to boast about her mother’s successful grocery.
  • They have nothing to boast about.


Care about

Meaning: maintenance, nursing, respect, regard, upkeep

Example Sentences:

  • I don’t care about what the commentators say.


Complain about

Meaning: express dissatisfaction about something

Example Sentences:

  • People always complain about fatigue.
  • She complained about the disrespect of the waiters


Concern about

Meaning: be about, relate to; worry, curiosity

Example Sentences:

  • I’m concernded about children being disrespectful.
  • This topic concern about mathematics.


Dream about

Meaning: imagination, illusion, delusion, fantasy, vision

Example Sentences:

  • I used to dream about being a perfect footballer.
  • She dreams about having a good time with her mother.


Feel about

Meaning: be aware of through touching, sense, perceive

Example Sentences:

  • I want to feel about you, my darling.


Forget about

Meaning: fail to remember, leave out, be unmindful of, neglect

Example Sentences:

  • I’m sure my mother has forgotten about me by now.
  • Alex said that he wanted to forget about terrible accident.


Hear about

Meaning: listen, feel, bear, come to know, owe

Example Sentences:

  • Im’ sorry, but your family will question all the good things they hear about you.


Joke about

Meaning:  banterfunjesthumorlark

Example Sentences:

  • Don’t joke about that.


Know about

Meaning: be aware of through information.

Example Sentences:

  • The professor knows very well about the underground resources in the world.
  • She knows a lot about math.


Laugh about

Meaning: smile, be happy

Example Sentences:

  • I laugh about this situation.


Quarrel about

Meaning: a heated argument or disagreement

Example Sentences:

  • Our family quarreling about money.
  • My friend, please not quarrel about this.


Talk about

Meaning: speech, conversation, speaking, address

Example Sentences:

  • What did you want to talk about?.
  • Let’s talk about your family.


Think about

Meaning: consider, contemplate, imagine, reflect

Example Sentences:

  • You need to think about this again.
  • Please, you should think about his decision.


Tell about

Meaning: communicate information to someone, say, speak, assert

Example Sentences:

  • Let’s tell me about it!
  • Why didn’t Mary tell her about the money?


Worry about

Meaning: concern, anxiety, fear, fears, apprehension

Example Sentences:

  • I’m very worried about her.
  • Every parent worries about their children’s future


Write about

Meaning: record, compose, enter

Example Sentences:

  • You should write more about this.
  • What are the best ways to write a paragraph about someone?


Warn about

Meaning: alert, induce, caution, forewarn

Example Sentences:

  • I warned you about her behavior.