Verb + Preposition; FOR and Examples

Verb + Preposition; FOR and Examples. Verb + for list and example sentences;


Verb + Preposition FOR in English, Example Sentences

  • Account for
  • Apply for
  • Arrange for
  • Care for
  • Pay for
  • Pray for
  • Prepare for
  • Praise for
  • Provide for
  • Punish for
  • Room for
  • Search for
  • Stand for
  • Substitute for
  • Thank for
  • Use for
  • Wait for

Account for: My brother couldn’t account for his mistakes.

Apply for: My wife applied for the job, but she didn’t get it.

Arrange for: George arranged for his son to visit Lonfon.

Care for: Will you care for our dog while we am on holiday.

Pay for: I’ll pay for it.


Pray for: Please pray for my son.

Prepare for: We’re going to prepare for the math exam.

Praise for: Samuel was praised for his good painting.

Provide for: My teacher has a big family to provide for.

Punish for: These students will be punished for this.

Search for: Mary searched for the wallet.


Stand for: What does “FBI” stand for?

Substitute for: Michael substituted for her mother.

Thank for: Thanks for listening to me.

Wait for: Don’t wait for me.