Verb + Preposition; TO and Examples

Verb + Preposition; TO and Examples. Verb + to list and example sentences;

Verb + Preposition; TO and Examples

  • Add to
  • Adjust to
  • Admit to
  • Appeal to
  • Belong to
  • Compare to
  • Confess to
  • Contribute to
  • Explain to
  • Get married to
  • Listen to
  • Object to
  • React to
  • Refer to
  • Reply to
  • Respond to
  • See to
  • Speak to
  • Subscribe to
  • Sentence to
  • Talk to
  • Turn to
  • Write to


Add to

Meaning: join (something) to something else for increase the amount, size etc…

Example Sentences:

  • It is easy to add 10 to 100.
  • Ok, I added her name to the list.


Adjust to

Meaning: set, regulate

Example Sentences:

  • Our eyes haven’t yet adjusted to the darkness.
  • It took me a while to adjust to it, too.


Admit to

Meaning: confess / accept, approve

Example Sentences:

  • The thief admitted to his guilt.
  • She reluctantly admitted to breaking the glass.


Appeal to

Meaning: make a serious request.

Example Sentences:

  • My father appeals to me.
  • Immigrants appealed to us for help.


Belong to

Meaning: be interest in / be rightly placed in a position.

Example Sentences:

  • They don’t belong to this cabinet.


Compare to

Meaning: crosscheckcheck, match

Example Sentences:

  • George’s problems are nothing compared to My father’s.


Confess to

Meaning: admit, allow

Example Sentences:

  • George confessed to stealing the food in supermarket.


Contribute to

Meaning: conducelendsubscribesubscribe to

Example Sentences:

  • He contributed several articles to the review.


Explain to

Meaning: make something clear

Example Sentences:

  • I explained it to my teacher.


Get married to

Meaning:  marrywed

Example Sentences:

  • My sister don’t want to get married before she is 25.


Listen to

Meaning:  hearobeyattend

Example Sentences:

  • I like to listen to the music.


Object to

Meaning:  opposedisputecontest

Example Sentences:

  • I object to have you treat this child like this.


React to

Meaning: act in response to something

Example Sentences:

  • How did your family react to the bad news?


Refer to

Meaning: mention to, allude to.

Example Sentences:

  • I often hear my grandfather refer to his childhood.


Reply to

Meaning: answerresponsereplication

Example Sentences:

  • Should I reply to her letter?


Respond to

Meaning: answerreply

Example Sentences:

  • We can respond to her question.


See to

Meaning: viewobservesightconsider

Example Sentences:

  • I’ll see to them later.


Speak to

Meaning: talk

Example Sentences:

  • Please speak to me.


Subscribe to

Meaning: joinparticipateattend

Example Sentences:

  • I subscribe to four newspapers.


Sentence to

Meaning: adjudgeadjudicate

Example Sentences:

  • Her father was sentenced to death.


Talk to

Meaning: speechconversationspeaking

Example Sentences:

  • Please talk to me!


Turn to

Meaning: returnrotation

Example Sentences:

  • Turn to the left.


Write to

Meaning:  recordcompose

Example Sentences:

  • I wrote to my mother.