Using Pronouns WHICH, WHO, WHERE in English

How to Use Whis ,Who and Where as a Pronoun


How to Use Whis , Who and Where as a Pronoun

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Using Which

Which refers to objects (animals and things).

Example Sentences;

  • Mary bought the top hybrid car, which will help her save on gas.
  • This is the car which Alex wants to buy.
  • I saw the dog which entered the house.
  • I’ve repaired the chair which was broken last week.


Using Who

Who refers to people and sometimes pet animals.

Example Sentences;

  • We don’t know the man whodonated this money.
  • The musician whowrote this song is French.
  • The woman whoI saw yesterday was Michael.
  • The man whois eating a pizza likes eating hamburger.

Using Where

Where refers to a particular place.


Example Sentences;

  • I know a restaurant where the seafood is excellent.
  • That’s the place where the accident occurred.
  • This is the house where I was born.
  • They went to Paris, where they would meet a woman.