How to Order Food at the Restaurant

How to Order Food at the Restaurant in English Speaking, English Phrases;

Are you ready to order?
We’ll begin wit soup.
I don’t want a starter. Thank you.
Could I have … instead of …?
May I see the the wine list?
With ice please.

Here are; 1000 most common english phrases

I’II have a dessert.It was excellent.
I didn’t order that.
Take it back, please.
Could I have the bill, please?
The meat was perfect.
Keep the change.
What is this dish called?
Could we have some more bread, please?
Could we have some more water, please?
Nothing else, thanks; just tea.
Help yourself?
Could you pass me the … please?
Would you like some more …?
Bring us … please.
With ice, please.
Would you like a salad?
What would you like a drink?
I’d like the Meatballs, to go please.
Can I get a drip coffee, please?
I’m going to have the toast.
Can we have the check, please?
I’ll get the strawberry ice cream.

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