Detailed Suffixes List, Meaning and Example Words

Detailed Suffixes List, Meaning and Example Words


A suffix is ​​a letter added to the end of a word to create a new word or to change the function of the original word.  It can also be a group of letters. In other words, a suffix is ​​put at the end of a word to change its meaning. For Detailed Suffixes List;


Suffix examples:

-ile: Futile, fragile…

-y: Rainy, funny, dirty, dirty…

-ise, -ize: Publicise, synthesise


Suffixes that make NOUNS

ageA resultWreckage
anceAn action or stateImportance
-antA personAsistant
–eeA personReferee
-enceAn action or stateDifference
-er/orA personTeacher
eryA type or place of workBakery
essMakes a feminine formWaitress
-fulAs much as will fillSpoonful
ingAn action or resultPainting
ionA process, state orresultDecoration
ismA belief or conditionJudaism
istA personFlorist
mentAn action or stateMeasurement

ableAble to beInflatable
-enMade ofWoolen
-fulFull ofBeautiful
ishA littleGreenish
likeSimilar to, likeLifelike
ousFull ofJoyous
someA tendency toQuarrelsome

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