Traffic Symbol Signs and Road Symbols

Traffic Symbol Signs and Road Symbols


Traffic Symbol Signs and Road Symbols

To facilitate road traffic and to increase road safety through the adoption of uniform traffic rules.

Road signs,  symbols and of road markings is necessary in order to facilitate road traffic and to increase road safety.

Safety Hazard Warning Signs

These road signs are intended to alert drivers and pedestrians to potential hazards. These traffic signs, consisting of 52 different signs are intended to warn against hazards due to road and environmental factors. In this group of traffic signs, there are also road signs such as bend warning signs, narrowing road warning signs, signs indicating main and secondary road intersections, railway crossings and intersection signs such as pedestrian and school crossing, animal exit warnings.


Oncoming road will become narrower with little to no breakdown lane, sometimes leading to bridge or causeway.

Oncoming a high foot-traffic area, including schools, shopping districts and landmarks. Use extreme caution.


Oncoming intersection with train tracks will have no barrier or gate to prevent traffic movement.

Stop signs indicate that a full stop is needed at an approaching intersection.

Indicating that priority is given to oncoming traffic when entering.

There is no passing or overtaking of vehicles for the duration of the no passing zone.

Only can pedestrians and bicycles use the route.

Approaching the pass by on right sign indicates that passing a work zone or traffic island on the right hand side is mandatory.


Oncoming road will have a minimum traveling speed zone, as indicated on the sign.

The minimum speed limit zone has ended.

No entry is permitted, usually due to approaching one-way traffic.

Vehicles are not allowed into the approaching area.

Information Signs

These traffic signs give pedestrians and drivers information about the road, as well as the location, information, accommodation, etc. on and around the road. places are road signs. There are 112 road signs in this group of traffic signs. In this informational traffic signs, speed, return and so on. purpose signposts, direction and end signs, intersections, pavements and signs containing direction information and hospital, cafe, hotel, fuel station, campsite, stall, and so on. There are road signs showing accommodation areas.

Vehicles in advised zone can’t stop, stand or park.

No parking is permitted in the advised zone.

The next turn will have toilet and bathroom facilities.

The next turn will have access to restaurants.

The next turn will have a nearby filling station.

The next turn will have an office for tourism information.

The upcoming entrance for a highway or autobahn.

Stop and Parking Signs

These traffic signs are road signs that indicate where you can stand on the road or where you can park. There are a total of 10 road signs in this group of traffic signs. The purpose of road signs in this group is to show drivers where and in what purpose and in what way and where they cannot be parked.

Indicates the route number of the current road.

Approaching a roundabout, this sign will indicate the direction of each exit.

Parking in the area indicated is only for certain drivers or disabled drivers.

A regulatory sign allowing only taxis to park in this area.

No U-Turn Sign


Other traffic signs;

  • Turn left ahead
  • No left turn
  • No motor vehicles
  • Bend to left
  • No overtaking
  • Two way traffic
  • Road work
  • Turn right ahead
  • No right turn
  • Crossroads ahead
  • Hump
  • Roundabout
  • No cycling
  • Parking lot
  • Give way
  • Maximum speed
  • One way traffic
  • Falling rocks
  • Wild animals
  • Merge
  • Uneven road
  • Stop & give way
  • No parking
  • Bend to right
  • Slippery road
  • Minimum speed
  • Minimum speed
  • No waiting