100 Examples of Synonyms With Sentences

100 Examples of Synonyms With Sentences

Synonyms words are that have different spelling but have the same meanings. As in any language, there are synonyms in English. A word can have more than one synonym. If a person who has just started learning English memorizes every word he / she learned with their synonyms, their vocabulary increases. We have more vocabulary about the language we learn, and our competence in that language increases.  Learning in this way will benefit us in daily life and will help us a lot when writing mail, writing letters, and participating in social environments.

In some exceptional cases, there are some words that are different in spelling and reading, that seem synonymous, but do not replace each other, that is, there is no synonym between them.

Synonyms words are that signify the same object, existence, or concept. Below are some words with synonyms and example sentences.

Here are +800 Synonym Words List in English

100 Examples of Synonyms With Sentences;

  1. Knowing you was the start/beginning of something beautiful.
  2. Our beloved character in the film was killed/murdered by his own father.
  3. My mother’s students are so gentle/polite. Every single of them bought gifts for her.
  4. My boyfriend cooked me a delicious/delightful ravioli last night.
  5. We have learned so important/crucial topics in our last semester.
  6. The dagger in the museum seems too fatal/lethal. The design of it seems too dangerous.
  7. Most of the people in the IT department are beginners/amateurs. The senior developer’s job is harder than ever.
  8. All the answers I give were accurate/correct, so I get a legendary A.
  9. You should not tell cruel/mean expressions to your people in your social network.
  10. They chose me as the lead developer in the company. Because my software developing skills/abilities were better than anyone who works there.

  1. This terrible/disturbing silence stops me!
  2. These poems should be seen and felt like a cry of mankind/humans.
  3. The most beautiful/attractive woman was walking down the street.
  4. As a grown-up/adult you need to get yourself together. Nobody is your nanny.
  5. We need to discuss this business agreement’s details in a broader/wider
  6. Please, trust yourself. You are more than that. You are able/capable to achieve more success.
  7. The cat was scared/afraid of the barks of the dogs there.
  8. Are you insane/crazy? You need to learn how to behave in the public sphere.
  9. There is a cozy/comfortable at the end of the street. Would you like to drink something with me?
  10. As a brief/short story, I spend all my money on a graphics card. Does it worth it? Totally.
  11. This place is dangerous/unsafe. We need to get out of here immediately.
  12. My cat is a bit chubby/plump. I worry about its health issues.
  13. The camping site was amazing/incredible. All of us should go there together.
  14. I could not receive your answer/reply last night. I am asking again, who was the girl?
  15. The father said you must not be in bad/sinful jobs in your life. Or else, you go to hell.
  16. Our new campus is big/enormous. I am looking forward to celebrating spring break here.
  17. The court will be deciding/determining the suspect’s punishment. You can sense the fear from his eyes.
  18. Let’s portray/describe your new house. I understand your phone is broken but you have your tongue.
  19. This relationship is a mess, I need to stop/end seeing her.
  20. The endless fall/drop of our little character was not finished.
  21. It seems like our new customer is happy/satisfied.
  22. I hurt/damaged myself today, to see if I still feel.
  23. The speaker of the presentation is telling an interesting/fascinating thing to know.
  24. Hold/Keep the door, he shouted.
  25. This place/area is a bit drowning.
  26. What is your position/location?
  27. The kid’s short sleep on the hammock was the most peaceful/restful moment of his life.
  28. First, you need to find a proper/right location to set up your tent.
  29. Our hero claims/demands the warrior’s heart.
  30. There was a sincerity/intimacy between me and her.

  1. The team was in a row of victory/win.
  2. The patient was in extreme levels of agony/pain.
  3. Stay away! We are not your kind/type of people.
  4. The requiem was like a voice/sound from the soul.
  5. I guess something about your relationship with her is a tale/story that was not right.
  6. My dad/father can beat yours.
  7. I am waiting for a delivery/shipment from the post office.
  8. The rate/percentage of males to females is equal in this workplace.
  9. We have updated our policy/approach in the case of cookies.
  10. Remember, there is a training/exercise
  11. This guy is a genius. He made/composed a legendary rock song last year.
  12. To express/tell your feelings about a person, you need to use proper language by the issue.
  13. I will go to school after work. My daughter will show/demonstrate her great talents with her cello.
  14. The professor probably did not see/get my point in the exam paper. These grades are impossible.
  15. I am afraid your son is not able to recognize/know the difference between a continent and an island.
  16. Do not waste even a single leaf/sheet, kids. All they are made by forests.
  17. If you break our vow/swear I will never talk to you again.
  18. There was an argument/dispute between me and the IT department. My origin is IT. I swear none of them know anything.
  19. Watch/look and learn the basics, kiddo. This part is important.
  20. This girl is the perfect/best match for you. Here is your turn.
  21. This software is used to convert/transform JPG files into PNG.
  22. The avatar’s duty is to restore/recover the balance between the four nations.
  23. Emancipation/liberation movements caused the opposite thing they claimed to make, terror.
  24. Our new intern seems exactly shy/introverted like the rest of the IT team. Is this qualification is in the job requirements?
  25. You do not know your influence/impact on her. Her role model is you.
  26. Cat funeral, it was an accident/misfortune. Not my mistake.
  27. This is our chance/opportunity, attack!
  28. I understand you. This is your decision/choice.
  29. She will be examining all the options/alternatives to the cast. Relax, please.
  30. There were over/more than 50.000 people at the party.
  31. Let’s go/move people!

  1. Iron Maiden is the most legendary heavy metal band/group of all time. This issue is closed to any discussion.
  2. You totally have to experience the amazing crowd/mass in the Rage Against the Machine concert.
  3. There is a flock/colony of eagles in the sky. Prepare your binoculars.
  4. Run to the hills! There are attackers/invaders out of the town.
  5. The police cars were chasing lawbreakers/criminals with open sirens.
  6. My childhood ambition/desire was to buy a 1969 Chewy Impala. You are looking at her.
  7. As an intern, following up the samples/specimens If they are lost, you are done.
  8. The detective is looking for proof/evidence. Stay away from here or else you can be charged as guilty.
  9. Our era is called the era of information/data. Because IT technology is making the world a better place by processing information/data.
  10. Uranium is one of the most valuable materials/elements for the advanced industrial countries to provide their energy needs.
  11. If you are afraid of these topics, I am afraid you should drop out. Those were the basic/simple
  12. She was crying in the hall of the mountain king. She could be in need of help/assistance.
  13. The code you have written was full of mistakes/errors. Are you sure that you know how to create an efficient algorithm?
  14. All my colleagues appreciated my amazing idea/thought. After the work, the next round was on the house in the bar.
  15. Edgar Allan Poe is the coolest author/writer of whole American literature. Since you read him, you love the ravens.
  16. Knowing you were the most delightful present/gift from our dear lord. I pray for us every night.
  17. If my newborn startup starts to make money, I will be the most wealthy/rich person you know.
  18. Don’t you worry my dear child/kid? Happiness is not a thing endures forever.
  19. I loved the new carpet/rug of your mother. She said that she purchased it from a talkative merchant in Istanbul.
  20. Solar panels are the nature savior devices that collect/gather the energy accesses our lovely planet.

  1. The exam was beyond difficult/hard. The department considers us modern Einstein. Even he could solve the questions hardly.
  2. The kitten in our garage is too small/tiny. We should keep it home or else it will die.
  3. Our discussions started to make me ill/sick. I need a break. OK?
  4. The new DLC of Hearts of Iron IV is expensive but it is worth the entertainment/joy you get.
  5. We should split a cab/taxi to arrive home on time.
  6. The government rejected/denied the bill on individual armament. I guess this issue must be a topic for a referendum.
  7. Never mind our last fight. I trust/believe in you, honey. It’s alright.
  8. The stray cats messed up the garbage/trash Someone has to clear it up. You were feeding them. Guess who will be cleaning the garbage/trash can?
  9. Baffle/confuse, deceive: The bad news he received consecutively confused him.

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