100 Synonym Words, Definition and Example Sentences

English Most Common Synonym Words List, Definitions and Example Sentences;

English Most Common Synonym Words List, Definitions and Example Sentences;

100 Synonym Words, Definition and Example Sentences

  1. About – approximately: It is used when talking about a topic or event when we are talking about it.

Example Sentence: I was very wrong because of my thoughts about you.

  1. Abstract – summary: Things that cannot be perceived by the five sense organs are called abstract.

Example Sentence: Most of the paintings in the art gallery we went to last covered abstract subjects.

  1. To accomplish – to achieve: Completing a job or task means achieving a successful outcome.

Example Sentence: If you successfully accomplish this task I gave you, you will skip the ranks.

  1. To accumulate – to build up: Collecting and stacking. For some reason, collecting some objects, putting them together, collecting them.

Example Sentence: I know that you have accumulated all the items I gave you aside.

  1. To administer – to manage: Providing and managing an institution, a business or a community.

Example Sentence: Are you sure you can administer this team?

Here are +800 Synonym Words List in English

  1. Backbone – spine: The name given to the bone that extends from the skull connected by joints to the coccyx.

Example Sentence: There are cracks in the backbone of the ship.

  1. Backside – behind, bottom: It is used when talking about the back of a place or section, when talking about the back.

Example Sentence: Hurry up! The backside of the ship is about to sink into the water.

  1. Bad – poor, naughty: Everything that is not good, poor, or in bad condition is indicated by this word.

Example Sentence: My life has always been living in bad thoughts.

  1. Ballot – poll: Status of choosing one among multiple options.

Example Sentence: Today we will ballot for the presidential elections.

  1. To bear on sth. – to affect: Influencing a person or something else.

Example Sentence: We didn’t think this could affect you.

  1. To beat – to defeat: To be victorious by fighting against a person.

Example Sentence: It beat me in the game we played tonight.

  1. Candy – sweet: Sweet food, cute.

Example Sentence: The uncle in the back street sells colorful candies.

  1. To categorize – to classify: Divide and classify topics or concepts.

Example Sentence: We categorized all the books in the library and separated them.

  1. Charter – constitution: Giving privileges to an institution or person.

Example Sentence: The information given in the Constitution is correct.

  1. Cheesy – corny, tacky

Example Sentence: They say it has a cheesy consistency.

  1. Dash- sprint: It means running fast and impact.

Example Sentence: The students are dash quickly to and fro.

  1. Daybreak – dawn: The light that appears on the horizon when the sun is about to rise.

Example Sentence: When daybreak is bleached, we will go out together.

  1. Deceptive – misleading: We express in this word that a subject, an opinion or an idea is not correct and misleading.

Example Sentence: We all understood that their speech was deceptive.

  1. Decontrol – deregulate: To remove all restrictive barriers to a situation or issue.

Example Sentence: Control should be decontrol when entering the school.

  1. Dedicated – committed: It means that the person is devoted to a job or anything.

Example Sentence: Your father knows how to dedicate himself to this sport.

  1. Eager – keen: It is a state of enthusiasm, willingness and desire to do a job or about a situation.

Example Sentence: We know how eager you are to win this school.

  1. Earth – soil: The planet we live in is earth.

Example Sentence: Most of the earth is covered with water.

  1. Economic – profitable: It is the situation that will benefit from a job in a financial sense.

Example Sentence: Since we are more economic in the family this year, our earnings have increased accordingly.

  1. Egocentric – selfish: People who think of themselves in the center of everything are called egocentric.

Example Sentence: Today, we listened to the topic of egocentric behavior at school.

  1. To elevate – to raise, to promote: To raise a business, to raise a person at work.

Example Sentence: My father was elevated at work today.

  1. To admit – to confess: To explain, confess something or a situation that is hidden.

Example Sentence: He admitted to all his lies to his wife.

  1. Almost – nearly: Just a little time before it happens.

Example Sentence: The dog almost caught her and bit her.

  1. Animated – lively: Lively, exciting, animated.

Example Sentence: All of these things we watched are animated heroes.

  1. To annoy – to irritate, to bother: It is a word used to make someone angry.

Example Sentence: Don’t you see she’s just trying to make you annoy.

  1. To answer – to reply: To answer against a question posed.

Example Sentence: I answered all the questions that our teacher asked in the exam correctly.

  1. Anyway – besides

Example Sentence: He’s been calling me since yesterday, anyway, I finally picked up his phone.

  1. Apparent – obvious

Example Sentence: It is apparent why you did all this.

  1. To appear – to seem

Example Sentence: Although you had surgery yesterday, you seem very good today.

  1. Applicable – relevant

Example Sentence: All the ideas you told us can be applicable.

  1. Appreciable – considerable: Something or a situation is noticeable.

Example Sentence: Make sure you are appreciable in everyone’s eyes right now.

  1. Extra – additional: It means extra addition.

Example Sentence: Ask for the fruits you will buy extra from the greengrocer.

  1. Famous – famed, renowned: To be at the forefront of other people in a certain area.

Example Sentence: When we became famous, we were afraid that it would change, but it was not what we thought.

  1. Fanatic – enthusiast: It is a state of extreme commitment to a team, a game, or anything else.

Example Sentence: All the viewers of our team are fanatical.

  1. Forehead – brow: Open area of the face that remains on the upper part of the eyes and eyebrows.

Example Sentence: His forehead was bleeding today because he hit his head against the wall.

  1. Fortunate – lucky: It is used for situations where the fortune is obvious and that works in most subjects.

Example Sentence: I know very well how fortunate you are in these matters.

  1. Ardour – passion: The passion to do a job is defined as the ambition to do a job.

Example Sentence: In order to finish this job, we have to tell the manager how ardour he is working.

  1. Arise – occur: It means that a situation is exposed.

Example Sentence: You are responsible for everything that occurs.

  1. Aromatic – fragrant: It is used about things that have a pleasant smell.

Example Sentence: I love the aromatic scent of this room.

  1. To arrive – to reach: It is a word used to reach somewhere.

Example Sentence: Please remember to call us when you arrive home.

  1. Artful – crafty: Something wise, cunning.

Example Sentence: All you write here is very artful.

  1. Blameless – innocent: It is used to mean innocent.

Example Sentence: We knew you would be proven to be blameless.

  1. Bloodbath – massacre: Killing or destroying a place or situation.

Example Sentence: The war broke out and the country was massacred.

  1. Branch – department

Example Sentence: The department that you study at university is in my sister.

  1. Brave – courageous: Brave person who can be thrown into dangerous situations.

Example Sentence: You showed us how brave you are by speaking in front of many people.

  1. Brow – forehead: The opening right above the eyes and eyebrows.

Example Sentence: His brow popped when he hit his head against the wall.

  1. Association – organization: Organization or institution that meets for a particular purpose.

Example Sentence: We established an association to help orphans.

  1. To assure – to guarantee

Example Sentence: You have to guarantee that it will come in the ways you choose.

  1. Attractive – appealing

Example Sentence: These works of art are almost attractive.

  1. Away – absent: Used for a non-existent state or object.

Example Sentence: They went too away from here.

  1. Awful – terrible: Refers to situations that are not good.

Example Sentence: This movie we watched was pretty awful.

  1. Bum – backside, behind, bottom: Refers to the back of a place.

Example Sentence: They have dinner bum the ship.

  1. Business – commerce, trade: Work done.

Example Sentence: I’m going to a business interview today.

  1. Busy – engaged: No time to do any work.

Example Sentence: I would love to come today, but I am very busy.

  1. Chiefly – mainly

Example Sentence: One of the mainly reasons for getting sick is that it drinks cold water.

  1. Choosy – picky: To be selective, meticulous.

Example Sentence: Did you tell her how choosy you are?

  1. Becoming – fitting

Example Sentence: All of fitting will be installed today.

  1. To begin – to start

Example Sentence: Are you ready to start the race?

  1. To behave – to act: To exhibit some behavior in any situation.

Example Sentence: Your father will not like these behave.

  1. Believable – plausible

Example Sentence: We think she is believable.

  1. Belly – stomach: The part under our chest cage.

Example Sentence: Your stomach ached in the morning, I hope you are better now.

  1. To chop – to cut: Break something into pieces.

Example Sentence: Will you chop these strings until I come?

  1. Chorus – refrain: It is the crowd of human communities that all say the same thing.

Example Sentence: The chorus we listened to today was very relaxing.

  1. Citation – quotation: To quote, copy something without changing it.

Example Sentence: Since all of this is citation, it was not accepted.

  1. To cite – to quote

Example Sentence: All of what you said seemed like a quote to me.

  1. Clerk – receptionist: The department at the entrance of the hotel or business and assisting customers.

Example Sentence: This girl has just arrived and will work as a receptionist for us.

  1. Bendy – flexible: Non-fragile, flexible.

Example Sentence: Your bones have a very bendy structure.

  1. Beneficient – generous: Those who do not spare their property and money.

Example Sentence: You are a very generous person.

  1. Beneficial – favourable: Favourable, non- harmful.

Example Sentence: These lessons will be very beneficial for you.

  1. Bid – tender

Example Sentence: This is the most valuable bid I have ever presented to you.

  1. Bizarre – weird: Abnormal, weird.

Example Sentence: A woman with bizarre behavior sits in front of her.

  1. To collapse – to break down

Example Sentence: This morning he collapsed over there.

  1. Comic – comedian: Humorous, fun, laughing.

Example Sentence: These jokes are so comic.

  1. Commencement – graduation: It is meant to finish a school.

Example Sentence: I am successfully graduating this year.

  1. Complete – total: Complete something unfinished.

Example Sentence: This morning I completed all the work of the house and went for a ride.

  1. Concord – harmony

Example Sentence: All of these things you see live in harmony.

  1. Class – lesson, course: Room for teaching.

Example Sentence: Music lessons will be held in this classroom.

  1. Clever – intelligent: smart.

Example Sentence: We knew how clever we were when we were going to the first grade.

  1. To close – to shut: To turn an open object closed.

Example Sentence: After you come in, please close the door?

  1. To collect- to gather: Bringing together some things or people.

Example Sentence: Collect all the coins you see here.

  1. Coiffure – hairstyle: The workplace to style, cut and color hair.

Example Sentence: When I went to the coiffure last week, I had my hair dyed red.

  1. Dull – stupid: Not smart, not fun.

Example Sentence: You can see how stupid you are.

  1. Dubious – doubtful: It means being unsure of certain situations.

Example Sentence: I realized that he was very dubious in such situations.

  1. Domesticate – cultivate: Striving to tame something.

Example Sentence: I decided to domesticate both cats I found on the street.

  1. Discount – reduction: To lower the price of a product.

Example Sentence: Are there any discounts on any of these products?

  1. To disappear – to vanish

Example Sentence: You suddenly disappeared, where did you go?

  1. Completely – totally

Example Sentence: In completely, you have so much debt.

  1. Equity – fairness

Example Sentence: You and I are equity on this earth.

  1. Especially – particularly

Example Sentence: Do you especially buy these clothes?

  1. Essential – fundamental: Mainly mentioned.

Example Sentence: What is the essential theme of this story?

  1. Exactly – precisely

Example Sentence: Exactly I thought you would be better at this.

  1. To emphasize – to stress: To emphasize and emphasize.

Example Sentence: I emphasized that you should come to class tonight.

  1. To encounter- to come across: I never thought we might encounter you.

Example Sentence: Here I can not lift that encounter TV alone.

  1. Enormous – huge, immense: I want to eat a huge piece of cake.
  2. Except – apart from

Example Sentence: No one can enter this room except you.

100. To explode – to blow up

Example Sentence: Can we blow this toy bomb?

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