Synonyms But, Definition and Examples

English Synonyms But, Definition and Example Sentences


English Synonyms But, Definition and Example Sentences

Synonym Words But

But is used to describe whether an event that is said as a word is impossible or impossible. Indicates the opposite of an event. It can be used as words, conjunctions, prepositions, names and envelopes. Sentences after this word do not mean anything by themselves. They are used to form a whole with the original sentence that precedes it.

English grammar titles are referred to in the clause conjunctions. When connecting the main sentence and the side sentence, it precedes the side sentence. Now, let’s look at the synonyms and examples of but;


Jenny is a very pretty girl, but she needs to do some more maintenance.



Although the weather was very cold, he appeared in a thin robe.


Several game companies offer many of the games for free, albeit they are limited in use.

Apart From

He plays the piano and the violin apart from the guitar


At The Same Time

I can watch two different sports programs on two different sports channels at the same time.


Besides this football game there is no other game I like.


There will be no counting the next student further.


Suddenly my arms hurt when swimming, hence I stopped swimming immediately.


He didn’t want to drink energy drinks every day. However lemon water was his favorite drink, so he drinks lemon water every day.


The overall meaning of a photograph appears clearly, moreover the exact resolution of the meaning of the photograph remains doubtful.


He was 42 years old, nevertheless he still felt old.


Tommy was very rich, nonetheless he was still quite unhappy.


I only understood what my teacher told me last week.


My friend is still sleeping in my room.


We made nice plans for our summer vacation with our friends and then we went to the café we visited all the time.