100 examples of past present and future tense

English Tenses examples, 100 examples of past present and future tense


English Tenses examples, 100 examples of past present and future tense

Simple Present Tense

1. My mother lets me go out with my friends.
2. I prefer my coffee black.
3. She puts the keys on the table.
4. The teacher shouts at us all the time.
5. I have two brothers.
6. Coffee grows in Brazil.

Present Continuous Tense

7. She is listening the music now.
8. We are learning English at this moment.
9. My mother is cooking dinner in the kitchen now.
10. The gardener is working in the garden at this time.
11. At present, children are doing a lot of things that can not be done before.
12. She is having breakfast at the moment.
13. Look! A car is coming.

Present Perfect Tense

14. I have already prepared breakfast.
15. My sister has cleaned the room.
16. It has rained a lot lately.
17. I have seen her before.
18. She has watched this movie several times.
19. He has saved $20.000.000 up until now.
20. They have gone fishing until later this evening.
21. I have solved 20 questions so far.
22. My mother has cooked the dinner.
23. We have received many mail since we were retired.
24. I have already made the coffee.
25. You have already eaten four plums.
26. I have lived in Texas for 10 years.

Present Perfect Continuous Tense

27. My father have been repairing the car. That‘s why his hands are greasy.
28. Susan is in the kitchen. She has been making pizza.
29. They have been playing in the room.
30. The mechanic has been repairing our refrigerator.
31. You have been smoking.
32. He has been walking.
33. She has been singing a song.
34. The athlet has been running for a tropy.
35. I have been travelling to this country for four days.
36. We have been learning English since last winter.
37. The child has been watching TV all afternoon.

Simple past tense

38. We watched the news last night.
39. They went to the party yesterday.
40. She read the book.
41. He drew beautiful pictures last week.
42. I learnt Spanish last summer.
43. You gave the present to your friend.
44. We bought a new car.


Past Continuous Tense

45. You were watching television last night.
46. They were studying math yesterday.
47. I was washing the dishes when the phone rang.
48. As she was reading the book, Alice came.
49. The students were drawing beautiful pictures when the teacher entered the classroom.
50. It was raining yesterday evening.
51. I was learning German last year.
52. I was crying while he was laughing.
53. He was working when I called him.

Past Perfect tense

54. If you had studied hard last year, he would have passed all his exams.
55. She had done her homework so she was happy.
56. He had lived in Florida for ten years before he moved to California.
57. They had gone out when you called.
58. The woman had cried till the morning.
59. I had returned to university.
60. He had left when I went to the club.
61. By the time we came, she had finished the project.

Past Perfect Continuous Tense

62. They had been being friend since childhood.
63. Thomas had been trying to repair the phone the whole day.
64. We had been studying all day so we tired.
65. Helen had been listening the same music for 4 hours when I came back home.
66. Daniel had been watching TV for hours before he slept.
67. You had been walking all afternoon on the beach.

Simple Future tense

68. He will play basketball.
69. I will meet with him.
70. I will call him as soon as possible.
71. We will overcome the problems.
72. We will live the house.
73. He will try to contact us next week.
74. They will study math.
75. She will be here soon.

Future Continuous Tense

76. I will be waiting for you.
77. It will be raining at this time tomorrow.
78. He will be visiting his friends this time next week.
79. She will be watching TV.
80. This time tomorrow, we will be working on our project.
81. They will be writing letter to each other.

Future Perfect Tense

82. They won’t have been maried by next year.
83. By that time I will have finished my homework.
84. They’ll have relaxed by night.
85. When my father comes home, my mother will have read me a story.
86. Susan will have been ready by the time I get home.
87. The plane will have landed by that time.


Future Perfect Continuous Tense

88. At 4 o’clock, we will have been waiting you for one hour.
89. She will have been sleeping at home for two hours when we arrives.
90. He will have been playing the guitar for ten years when he turn twenty.
91. They will have been teaching German for 5 years by the end of this year.
92. I will have been travelling to Japan by this time next week.
93. When I am at school, my family will have been flying to New York.
94. I will have been working for seven hours by the time the boss comes
95. She will have been sleeping for one hour when he gets home.
96. I will have been playing tennis tomorrow afternoon.
97. We won’t have been working for a long time until you come back.
98. How long will you have been studying when you graduate?
99. I will have been living in İstanbul for 10 years by 2025.
100. He will have been watching tv for 2 hours when we have dinner.