How to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam? 8 Best Tips For Success

How to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam? 8 Best Tips For Success

How to Prepare for the TOEFL Exam?

People are always in the preparation process for different exams. Some of them are for technique proficiency purposes in tech companies. Some stressful industries like airlines would be asking for annual psycho technical tests. These are the tests that their preparation process is obvious. The focus skill of the tests is crystal clear. But the preparation process of the most widely accepted English proficiency, the TOEFL, is sometimes confusing. Because language is the skill that people learn from their childhood unaware. Describing and measuring something people learned unsystematically is hard. The greatest difficulty is that people do not know their pros and cons in the case of language. You need to know how to prepare for the TOEFL exam. Let’s see how it’s done.

Here are 127 Academic Word List For TOEFL

Set Your Goal

The title seems like it is from a self-improvement book, but it is important to set your target score. Let’s say, you aim to gain admission from an Ivy League Institution. Their average TOEFL score range is 90-100 range. For the average institutions, it is 78 points. Whatever purpose do you have, you should know your target. Remember, all the winds are useless to a ship without a target.

Follow the Media Published in English

Following the English, broadcasting media is helpful for your preparation process for TOEFL. You should be familiar with the English more. The most challenging skills measured by the TOEFL are listening and reading. Following the news provides you to advance your vocabulary by the things they mention. The most important thing when you improve your vocabulary by the news is that you learn new words by their different contexts. Also, you will be able to boost your grammar that way. By the way, if you listen to the news or the podcasts; you will be familiar with the regular English that is spoken on the streets. That means a natural and clear language that you will need in the TOEFL exam.

Try to Be In Conversations With Native English Speakers

Another part of the TOEFL is the speaking session. It is hard to improve your English speaking skills by speaking to non-native English speakers. Native English speakers are the people who speak English until their childhood. Even if not you live in an English spoken country, you have always the possibility to find native English with the help of technology. There are some apps like “Meetup”. In many countries, some events called “speaking club” is organized by them. Also, there are some paid services like “Cambly” that you can find a native speaker to monitor your speaking and improve that skill.

Perfect Your Vocabulary

To pass the TOEFL with a higher score, you need to master your vocabulary skill. In the TOEFL there are many vocabulary words. Some of them are hard. It is hard to handle the underrated words, but you can find word lists of academic vocabulary. Academic vocabulary is the most important topic in the vocabulary topic of TOEFL. But another question occurs here. How will you study these? There are apps in this case, too. Like water drink reminders, the app will remind you of random important words. These apps are also known as digital flashcards. When you see the words without any context, you will memorize them.

Take a Look at the TOEFL’s Framework

Since you are in a race, you should examine the track. When we back to the TOEFL, you must be able to answer the following questions. Do you know what kind of questions will be asked to you? What is the order of the sections? How much time do you have? Are there any breaks in the exam? How many questions are there in the reading section or how many questions are there in the listening section?

See the Official Exercise Questions

You must totally see the exercise questions on the official website of the TOEFL. Because these questions include the thoughts and approaches of the people who write to prepare the TOEFL. You will be able to see what topic is important. Our advice is to see these questions a month before the TOEFL.

Make a SWOT Analysis on You

All people have cons and pros. When you prepare for this important exam, you must know your weaknesses and strengthens. In addition to that, you need to explore yourself more. Throughout the preparation process, try to find your opportunities like, let’s say, one of your friends is a native speaker, use that opportunity. Further, try to concentrate on the weakest skill of you. It is a terrible idea to focus on what you do the better.


The preparation process for an exam is not as hard as you expected. Follow the news in English, listen to the news or a podcast, find a native speaker friend to improve your speaking. Focus on the vocabulary section. In the end, know yourself and your opponent.