Regular Verbs Examples 50, 50 Regular Verbs List

English Regular Verbs List, regular verbs examples 50;

English Regular Verbs List, regular verbs examples 50

A regular verbs is one that conforms to the usual rule for forming its simple past tense. its past participle. The “usual” rule is to add -ed or -d to the base form of the vocabulary to create the past forms.

Present Past Past
1. Accept Accepted Accepted
2. Act Acted Acted
3. Bake Baked Baked
4. Behave Behaved Behaved
5. Close Closed Closed
6. Compare Compared Compared
7. Compete Competed Competed
8. Die Died Died
9. Disagree Disagreed Disagreed
10. Disturb Disturbed Disturbed
11. Dress Dressed Dressed
12. Dry Dried Dried
13. Eliminate Eliminated Eliminated
14. End Ended Ended
15. Enjoy Enjoyed Enjoyed
16. Fix Fixed Fixed
17. Follow Followed Followed
18. Freeze Freezed Freezed
19. Fry Fried Fried
20. Greet Greeted Greeted
21. Guess Guessed Guessed
22. Hunt Hunted Hunted
23. Identify Identified Identified
24. Imagine Imagined Imagined
25. Invite Invited Invited


Here are Irregular Verbs List in English

Present Past Past
26. Join Joined Joined
27. Jump Jumped Jumped
28. Knock Knocked Knocked
29. Love Loved Loved
30. Manage Managed Managed
31. Mark Marked Marked
32. Match Matched Matched
33. Name Named Named
34. Need Needed Needed
35. Open Opened Opened
36. Order Ordered Ordered
37. Organize Organized Organized
38. Pack Packed Packed
39. Paint Painted Painted
40. Pass Passed Passed
41. Perform Performed Performed
42. Persuade Persuaded Persuaded
43. Program Programmed Programmed
44. Protect Protected Protected
45. Review Reviewed Reviewed
46. Shop Shopped Shopped
47. Slow Slowed Slowed
48. Turn Turned Turned
49. Underline Underlined Underlined
50. Want Wanted Wanted