Verb + Preposition; WITH and Examples

Verb + Preposition; WITH and Examples, Meaning and example sentences

Verb + Preposition; WITH and Examples

Agree with

Meaning: be of one mind, be on the wavelength, go along with, to regard with approval

Example Sentences:

  • Sansa don’t agree with me.
  • He did not agree with his family and this made him very uncomfortable.

Argue with

Meaning: debate, discuss, dispute, moot

Example Sentences:

  • Dad, please don’t argue with me.
  • I don’t want to argue this with you.


Begin with

Meaning: start, knuckle down to, commence, kick off

Example Sentences:

  • Let’s begin with Math Lesson 10.
  • It was totally unneeded, to begin with.


Collide with

Meaning: combat, clash, skirmish, encounter, bump

Example Sentences:

  • The train collided with a car.
  • The accident occurred yesterday. Red car collided with bus.


Complain with

Meaning:  beefkickbelly, to express grief, pain, or discontent

Example Sentences:

  • I can’t complain with the this failure.


Concern with

Meaning: anxiety, worry, fear, fears, apprehension

Example Sentences:

  • They don’t want to concern their parents with this accident.
  • This topic concerns with you in every way. Please be careful.


Confuse with

Meaning: surprise, amaze, addle, puzzle

Example Sentences:

  • Please don’t confuse me with this gift.


Cope with

Meaning: overcome, get overhandle

Example Sentences:

  • They may not be able to cope with those works.
  • My son is unable to cope with stress of exam.


Cover with

Meaning: cope, wrap, clothe, bury

Example Sentences:

  • Everest mountain was covered with snow
  • Children was covered with mud.


Charge with

Meaning: load, stuff, fill, complete

Example Sentences:

  • I charged my boss with this issue. It’s okay, we’il handle it.


Disagree with

Meaning: not to hold with, disaccord

Example Sentences:

  • Maybe you are right but, I totally disagree with this topic.
  • They disagree with us.


Discuss with

Meaning: debate, dispute, wrangle, brawl

Example Sentences:

  • You can’t discuss with him. He’s very stubborn.
  • You shouldn’t discuss with your family. They miss you very much.


Face with

Meaning: front, argue, speak

Example Sentences:

  • The house was faced with red paint.


Fight with

Meaning: make war, battle

Example Sentences:

  • In the 2nd world war Germany fought with America.
  • Please don’t go, fight with me.


Help with

Meaning: assistant, auxiliary, aide, aid

Example Sentences:

  • They need help with moving these books.


Interfere with

Meaning:  step in, intervene

Example Sentences:

  • Don’t interfere with my work.
  • They’re interfering with my plans.


Meet with

Meaning:  welcome, make acquainted with

Example Sentences:

  • Albert Einstein’s ideas met with future generations.
  • Can you meet with us today?


Present with

Meaning: offer, submit, help to, put forward

Example Sentences:

  • They presented her with an award for her efforts to prevent global warming.


Provide with

Meaning: ensure, supply, make, provision

Example Sentences:

  • I provided you with a lot of chances to forgive you.


Quarrel with

Meaning: fight, have a row with, altercate, brawl

Example Sentences:

  • I have no quarrel with anyone this office.


Share with

Meaning:  dividesplit

Example Sentences:

  • Share your ice cream with your sister
  • We must share the pain and happiness with our family..


Trust with

Meaning: depend, have confidence in, put faith in

Example Sentences:

  • My father trusted me with the our car.


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