Worry V1 V2 V3 V4 V5, Past Simple and Past Participle Form of Worry

Worry V1 V2 V3 V4 V5, Past Simple and Past Participle Form of Worry


Verb; Worry

Meaning; concern, anxiety, fear, fears

V1, V2, V3, V4, V5 Form of Worry

Base Form Past Form Past Participle
worry worried worried
Base Form s/es/ies ing Form
worry worries worrying

Opposite of Worry

  • inert
  • restful
  • stagnant
  • quiet
  • still
  • static
  • passive
  • calm
  • slack
  • hushed
  • tranquil
  • serene
  • peaceful

V1 V2 V3
abash abashed abashed
abate abated abated
abide abode abode
absorb absorbed absorbed
accept accepted accepted
accompany accompanied accompanied
ache ached ached
achieve achieved achieved
address addressed addressed
adjust adjusted adjusted
agree agreed agreed
alight alit alit
allow allowed allowed
animate animated animated
argue argued argued
arise arose arisen
arrange arranged arranged
arrest arrested arrested
ask asked asked
assert asserted asserted

befall befell befallen
beg begged begged
begin began begun
behave behaved behaved
behold beheld beheld
believe believed believed
blush blushed blushed
board boarded boarded
boast boasted boasted
boil boiled boiled
bow bowed bowed
box boxed boxed
bray brayed brayed

calculate calculated calculated
call called called
canvass canvassed canvassed
challenge challenged challenged
change changed changed
choose chose chosen
classify classified classified
clean cleaned cleaned
collapse collapsed collapsed
collect collected collected
colour coloured coloured
come came come
comment commented commented
compare compared compared

connote connoted connoted
conquer conquered conquered
consecrate consecrated consecrated
consent consented consented
conspire conspired conspired
contemn contemned contemned
contend contended contended
contest contested contested
continue continued continued
contract contracted contracted
co-operate co-operated co-operated
cope coped cope
copy copied copied
correct corrected corrected
correspond corresponded corresponded
corrode corroded corroded
course coursed coursed

deny denied denied
describe described described
desire desired desired
destroy destroyed destroyed
detach detached detached
detect detected detected
determine determined determined
develop developed developed
die died died
differ differed differed
distribute distributed distributed
disturb disturbed disturbed
disuse disused disused
dive dived dived
divide divided divided
do did done
donate donated donated
educate educated educated
empower empowered empowered
empty emptied emptied
encircle encircled encircled
encourage encouraged encouraged
encroach encroached encroached
endanger endangered endangered
endorse endorsed endorsed

grade graded graded
grant granted granted
hate hated hated
have had had
heal healed healed
hear heard heard
heave hove hove
help helped helped
hew hewed hewn
hide hid hidden
hinder hindered hindered
hurl hurled hurled
hurry hurried hurried
hurt hurt hurt
hush hushed hushed
hustle hustled hustled
hypnotize hypnotized hypnotized
idealize idealized idealized
identify identified identified
imbibe imbibed imbibed
imitate imitated imitated
immerse immersed immersed
immolate immolated immolated
immure immured immured

punish punished punished
purify purified purified
push pushed pushed
put put put
qualify qualified qualified
quarrel quarrelled quarrelled
redo redid redone
reduce reduced reduced
refer referred referred
reflect reflected reflected

ring rang rung
rise rose risen
roar roared roared
rob robbed robbed
run ran run
rush rushed rushed
sabotage sabotaged sabotaged
sack sacked sacked
satisfy satisfied satisfied
saturate saturated saturated
saunter sauntered sauntered
save saved saved
savor savored savored
savvy savvied savvied
saw sawed sawn
say said said
scab scabbed scabbed
scabble scabbled scabbled
scald scalded scalded
support supported supported
surmise surmised surmised
swell swelled swollen
swim swam swum
swing swung swung
thrive throve thriven
throw threw thrown
thrust thrust thrust
thump thumped thumped
tie tied tied
translate translated translated
trap trapped trapped
travel travelled travelled
tread trod trodden
treasure treasured treasured
treat treated treated
tree treed treed
tremble trembled trembled
type typed typed
vomit vomited vomited
wake woke woken
walk walked walked
wander wandered wandered
want wanted wanted
warn warned warned
waste wasted wasted
watch watched watched
water watered watered
wave waved waved
wax waxed waxed
wet wet wet
whip whipped whipped
whisper whispered whispered
win won won
wind wound wound
wish wished wished
withdraw withdrew withdrawn
work worked worked
worry worried worried
worship worshipped worshipped
yell yelled yelled
yield yielded yielded
zinc zincked zincked
zoom zoomed zoomed