100 High Frequency Words, You Should Know

100 High Frequency Words, You Should Know

It’s not too hard but just takes times. Improving English is a long way but you will eventually learn it. All you need to do is just having some practice on that. Do you wonder how you do it? Here our recommendations to improve your vocabulary for English.

English vocabulary methods are very important for your English development. Vocabulary and grammar skills plays an important role on your English journey. How to improve your English vocabulary? Answer is very important.

Here are 100 High Frequency Words;

a boil local sky
able bomb locate slave
about cable minus sleep
above cage minute slide
absolute cake mirror slight
accent calculate miss slip
accept call mission slow
access calm mistake small
account camera mister spend
accuse chain mix spin
big chew north tongue
bike chicken northern we
bill current nose weak
billion customer not weapon
bin cut note wheel
bind dad right when
bird damage rights year
birth dance ring yell
biscuit door rip yellow
bit double sauce yes
blow doubt sausage yesterday
blue dump save yet
board during skill you
boat dust skin young
body duty skirt zero

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